The 52 Steps: Week Forty

"Time for a fair fight." - John Henry Irons

Week Forty

Previously in 52...

The Four Horsemen were unleashed, Ralph continued his quest with the Helm, Osiris' guilt began to weigh on the world around him, and the truth about Lex Luthor was revealed..

This Week's Key Players

Steel. It's all about Steel this week. Really.

Guest Appearances

The Teen Titans, Infinity Inc., Natasha Irons, Lex Luthor, Osiris and Sobek.


Before we get to the hefty stuff, lets look at the end of the week, as Osiris asks Sobek to come with him as he journeys to find new powers. First stop: The Rock of Eternity.

Then, really, it was all about Lex and John Henry Irons, aka Steel. After being baited into attacking Lexcorp by Luthor, Steel dons some armor, but a stupid man is not John Henry, and he brings some hefty backup in the form of the Teen Titans. As the Titans deal with the rabble that is Infinity Inc, John makes a one man assault on Lexcorp's offices and, in turn, the man himself, all to get back his captured niece.

It's a good plan, but one that doesn't account for the fact that Lex is now on a level with Superman, if not as experienced. Heat vision, x-ray vision, flight, super hearing, invulnerability, you name it, the man has it. As such, Steel's armor doesn't last long, leaving John in a war similar to that of his namesake, John Henry: one steel-drivin' man with a hammer versus the unstoppable.

The battle is massively one-sided, with a de-armored John doing his best, but really only getting his ass handed to him, and rightly so. But a last ditch effort frees Natasha, who uses John's atomic-powered hammer to short circuit Lex's superpowers, much like he did to all the victims of the Everyman Project.

Now it was just one very angry black man versus one business man in an expensive suit. I'm sure you can figure out who won, especially when the Lexcorp logo letters come crashing to the street in front of the victorious Teen Titans.

Justin's Thoughts and Concerns

I really think I'm good this week. Nothing too hidden to look for, nothing that begs for a comment. Sometimes, it's good to just have an issue of awesome beat-downs. Cleanses the palette.

Looking Ahead

Osiris as a member of the Marvel Family? Not likely, or, at least, not for long. However, I can't think we've seen the last of Infinity, Inc. Somehow, a JSA-sponsored team in their own mini-series seems right up everyone's alley in the near future.

Panel of the Week

Look! Up in the sky!


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