The 52 Steps: Week Forty-Three

"They know you have a good soul." - Captain Marvel

Week Forty-Three

Previously in 52...

It was all about Ralph Dibny, as we learned just who was pulling his strings all this time, and just how he pulled back with a little help from a magic bullet.

This Week's Key Players Black Adam and Animal Man.

Guest Appearances The Marvel Family, Isis, Osiris and Sobek.


With a far less convoluted run of storytelling than we saw last week, we saw two episodes from space, but the majority of our tale followed young Osiris (accompanied by Sobek) on his search for redemption following his butchery of the Persuader some weeks back. Believing himself responsible for the deaths and pestilence affecting Kahndaq, Osiris pays a visit to the Rock of Eternity and the Marvel Family in the hopes of purging the evil power from himself or finding a new source of magic.

Black Adam and Isis follow the boy to the rockand the two families have a discussion on what it means to be a hero and how to find redemption. Pacified by Osiris' decision to remain with the family and work out their problems before violence overtakes them all, the Black Marvel Family returns to Kahndaq. Unfortunately, being a typical teenager, Osiris just told his family what they wanted to hear, and he's still determined to find a way to rid himself of the power, going so far as to call upon the name of Black Adam and rid himself of his special abilities, losing the use of his legs, as well.

Ever present, Sobek, who helped convince Osiris that he was doing the right thing by relinquishing his power, eats the helpless Osiris.

Out in the depths of space, we get to see two pivotal rebirths, as Lady Styx is birthed through the corpse of one of her followers, and the awesome yellow aliens rebuild and reinsert Animal Man into the universe. Of course, being reborn doesn't mean you can't die, and Animal Man, with no animals to draw from nearby, nearly suffocates in the vacuum of space. Reaching out with all his power, Animal Man touches the minds of the Sun Eaters that have been stalking the galaxy, tapping into their insanely incredible powers, which include the ability to survive in space.

Back-up Feature

Mark Waid and Ethan Van Sciver bring us the Origin of Plastic Man.

Justin's Thoughts and Concerns

  • Glad to see that the battle with Lady Styx isn't over yet.
  • lso glad to see Buddy baker get an upgrade on the level of power. Looks like hes on his way home. Just a quick stop to crush the new Lady Styx, hopefully.
  • Eaten by a crocodile (or would that be a man-odile). Serves you right for not listening to your older brother with eons more experience than you. Stupid Osiris.
  • I have to wonder what Sobek is, though. Could he be another man-mutant developed by Whisper A'Daire and Intergang. We haven't seen them for awhile.

Looking Ahead Expect a war with the revamped Lady Styx (duh), but lets also not forget the coming World War III to be staged next month. It's Adam versus everybody, and the death of Osiris can only be the first blood.

Panel of the Week

Animal Man gets an upgrade...


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