The 52 Steps: Week Forty-One

"Deal with who you are..." - Richard Dragon

Week Forty-One

Previously in 52...

It was war at Lexcorp, with Steel and Natahsa Irons brining down the big man, even with his newly developed superpowers.

This Week's Key Players

Renee Montoya, Adam Strange, Ralph Dibny and Starfire.

Guest Appearances

Richard Dragon, Technomancer, The Helm of Fate, Mogo and GL Opto309V and, yes, Wonder Woman.


In part one of our little weekly drama, it was time for Adam and Starfire to feel the fear, as their ship was desperately damaged by a bounty hunter, leaving them adrift in space, with Kori sorely wounded to boot. Adam, lost and uncertain, thinks of a possible answer, only to have the ship rescued by two Green Lanterns, including the sentient planet called Mogo.

Our second feature took us to Haven, where all the mad scientists had been residing. There, Ralph Dibny came for a purpose, to secure the mystic Silver Wheel of Nyorlath, smuggled in as part of a wheelchair for the Technomancer. However, while there, Ralph gave us an answer as to how Dr. Morrow escaped all those weeks ago: his personal security camera actually housed mini teleportation circuitry. However, even that aid wasn't enough to keep the guards away from him once he got his hands on the wheel, so Fate whisked him away, off to perhaps the final confrontation for the soul of his wife Sue.

Lastly, we got to see what's been going on in Nanda Parbat following the death of Vic sage, aka, The Question. Renee, in an attempt to deal with her grief, confronts both Professor Rodor and Richard Dragon, who each offer some advice. However, it's not until Renee confronts a wonderful woman who is also seeking a new life within the confines of the mystical city. This meeting spurs Renee to seek out what she fears, leaving her only with her curiosity.

Back-up Feature

Mark Waid and Joe Benitez bring us the Origin of Starfire.

Justin's Thoughts and Concerns

  • Has anyone actually seen Ralph's new silver wheel before? I'm drawing a blank.
  • Nth Metal: don't get lost in space without it.
  • MOGO! Moooooogooooooooooo! Sorry. It's just fun to say. And how do you get a GL ring big enough for a planet? And, really, why did the GL's ever need Oa when they had their own living planet as a part of the corps? But I digress.
  • You all know I love Richard Dragon, so I don't need to mention how irritated I was that he couldn't get through Renee's funk, and it had to be Wonder Woman that made the connection for her.
  • Has anyone been making a list of all the stuff that Ralph has gathered up? The wheel, the link of chain from Atlantis… and what does it all have to do with France, where he was first recruited by the Helm?

Looking Ahead

A while back in the Batman OYL (circa "Face the Face") books, there was a reference to Ralph being indisposed when Batman, the World's Greatest Detective, needed a good sleuth to operate in the daylight. Indisposed, unavailable, but not dead. Here's hoping, anyway.

And yeah, that was Wonder Woman in Nanda Parbat. I guess this would be where foundations for the "new" identity of Diana Prince were laid. But who's she waiting for?

Panel of the Week

And now there are answers, as well.

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