The 52 Steps: Week Forty-Four

"It was never you that needed redemption." - Isis

Week Forty-Four

Previously in 52...

Osiris made a fatal mistake, and even the intervention of the Marvel family was not enough to set things right, though Animal man did have an all right time of his return from the great beyond.

This Week's Key Players

Black Adam and Renee Montoya.

Guest Appearances

Isis and Sobek (or, rather, the Four Horsemen), Aristotle Rodor and Richard Dragon


It's not long before the mutilated (or should that be devoured) corpse of Osiris is discovered by Black Adam and Isis, who discover the culprit as Sobek. While caught, he's hardly worse for wear, as he reveals himself to be the missing member of the Four Horsemen designed by the Mad Scientists of Oolong Isle, the Famine created as part of the Religion of Crime.

And it's equally not as long until Famine's brother show up to throw down on Black Adam, though someone should have warned them that a pissed off Black Adam is the most dangerous man in the world. Alone, he kills Famine and War, and with the aid of Isis, defeats Pestilence. However, in the conflict, Isis is fatally poisoned by the plague-bearing monstrosity, using her last bit of strength to banish death to the skies, offering Adam final acknowledgment of his right to vengeance before passing on.

In Nanda Parbat, as Isis falls, so too does the mystical flower given to Renee, which signals the end of her lifetime, and perhaps many others. Renee, wracked with questions, is encouraged to seek out answers with the help of her mentor's old gear, including a mask, fedora and trench coat. While she didn't want to take up the mantle of the Question, she is reminded that not all answers can be found with (or without) a mask.

Justin's Thoughts and Concerns

  • Sigh. Guess no hope for Vic Sage. I just can't get my head around the idea of Montoya being The Question. Maybe it'll grow on me.
  • I wonder if we'll see more of Richard and Tot after this.
  • Note that the Four Horsemen were referred to as being of Apokalips, not our more traditional spelling. After all, Isis asks what man could make such a thing, but Darkseid is no man.
  • Continuing with Isis for a moment, I found it odd and yet appealing that she recognized that Black Adam was right, even after all her work trying to change him. Guess it's true that you'll never know your beliefs until they're tested.

Looking Ahead

World War III is coming (duh), but I've got something else for you.

So it begins…


Descendent #3

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