The 52 Steps: Week 12

"You shouldn't have come here." - Billy Batson / Captain Marvel

Week Twelve

Previously in 52...

Batwoman, Ralph Dibny, Batwoman, Cult of Conner, Batwoman, stolen clothes, Batwoman, a straw Sue Dibny, Batwoman, Whisper and Abbot, Batwoman, Renee and Charlie, Batwoman.

This Week's Key Players

Ralph Dibny, The Question and Renee Montoya, and Black Adam

Guest appearances

Billy Batson, Wonder Girl and introduction of Isis.


To quote CBR's own Hannibal Tabu, "Kahndaq is where it's at" this week, as Renee Montoya and the Question spend the beginning of the week planning a trip to Black Adam's shores. For his part, though, Adam is currently involved with helping his people, pulled away from the rigors of creating Third World meta-country alliances by Adrianna Tomaz, the woman who was to be Black Adam's "gift" from Intergang for the use of his country as a road house of sorts on the way to sell weapons to the Middle East.

Tomaz and Adam spend some time discussing the proper uses of power, which, in turn, lead Tomaz and Adam to the Rock of Eternity, where Billy Batson, trapped as Captain Marvel, has been keeping watch over the Seven Deadly Sins and the powers of the Shazam family in the absence of their namesake wizard. Billy is a bit deranged by all the powers at his disposal, but, for whatever reason, Adam brought Tomaz to him to make sure she was worthy of the power he was to bestow upon her, the power of Isis, a power that may equal, or indeed surpass, Adam's own. Batson, with the wisdom of Solomon and the views of the Seven Deadlies at his disposal, approves of Adam's choice. The power is granted, but there seems to be a slight problem, as the newly empowered goddess will only help Adam in his quest when he helps her find her missing brother.

Meanwhile, back on the home front, Ralph Dibny tracks down Wonder Girl in Philadelphia. She explains that Sue was to be a trial run of the resurrection powers that the Cult of Conner believes so readily in, therefore, they had to trick Ralph and steal his wedding ring, which would be the focal point for the resurrection. Ralph, rather than being angry, seems sad that Cassie didn't simply ask him, because, he reveals, he'll gladly help, no tricks needed.

Backin' that baby up is the origin story of Wonder Woman, as presented by Mark Waid and Adam Hughes.

Justin's Thoughts and Concerns

Dang, looks like Ralph got hit a lot harder than we could have imagined by Sue's death. While we know it's wrong, it's kind of hard to be upset with the poor guy.

Keeping with that same story thread, Cassie is only supposed to be like, sixteen or seventeen, right? Being a near neighbor of Philly myself, I can't imagine someone renting a room to an obviously underage girl.

Now this, this is The Question I've been waiting for, all Zen and meditative. About time.

The big fat Billy Batson smile is just creeping me out way too much over here. Let's not revisit the Rock of Eternity anytime soon, shall we?

Was it just my copy of the issue, or did Tomaz repeat her dialogue on page 6? And her dialogue on page 9 seemed a little backwards, too.

Yow, that last page really should be the poster for "Power tends to corrupt," shouldn't it? And in record time, too.

It's probably nothing, but the cult leader, Devem? His name just feels like an anagram to something. But what? Super-Shaykh? Come on, guys…


Look for some big problems in the resurrection of Sue Dibny. Even if they pull it off, the whole of the process lies around Ralph's ring. She'd never be able to take it off or anything, and since he's a dude, it'll probably be too big for her. That and her body will be as brainless as the Scarecrow of Oz, with just as much straw.

Intergang still involved with Kahndaq somehow? Renee and Vic seem to think so, but something tells me this might be a big old trap. And Isis most likely is involved, since she's been pulling Adam in directions that keep him from his hunt for super-villains, this week being no exception.

The Daily Planet

Get your Big Belly Burger punch card coupons while they last at www.52thecomic.com. And with the heat wave that's been pounding my neck of the woods these last few weeks, heck, I want to live in Star City or Coast City, where the temps are in the cool lower '60s.

Panel of the Week

Yeah, so, um, Billy… you're, uh, you know, shouting at, well… oh, never mind. Want some beer with the side of nuts you're totally packing?

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