The 52 Steps: Week 11

"I think she likes you." - The Question

Week Eleven

Previously in 52...

Black Adam learns that he's more alone in this world than he may have previously thought, but that's not going to stop him from uniting the rest of the meta human world against the United States. Dr. Will Magnus and T.O. Morrow discuss what might have been lurking in Sivana's lab. Clark Kent takes a page out of his wife's playbook, saving his job at the planet and nailing an interview with Metropolis' newest hero, Supernova.

This Week's Key Players

Ralph Dibny, The Question and Renee Montoya.

Guest appearances

Whisper A'Daire, Kyle Abbot and some lady in a Bat costume.


It's eleven on top and we've got the best bits of the week, no? Looks like Ralph Dibny might be losing it a little more each time we see him, as he practically assaults some members of the Cult of Conner in Washington on his quest to find why they've chosen him and his lost wife as targets. After the kids get away, Ralph gets a call to return to Opal City, where cult members have broken into a storage unit he's been keeping old stuff in. What was stolen? Sue's clothing, and as the week ends, we see that the cult has made a straw dummy of Sue, but for what purpose?

But the week isn't filled with just Ralph's ravings. No, The Question and Renee Montoya have begun the investigation into Intergang's moves on Gotham. With a little background info from Kate Kane, who's rich old folks own the property at 520 Kane Street, the two investigators backtrack the deed to Whisper A'Daire and Abbot, Intergang's new front-faces. As the investigation progresses, The Question and Rennee make a move on what could be Intergang's HQ, only to get their butts handed to them by a reptilian Whisper, a wolfish Abbot and their assorted animalistic cronies.

All might have been lost, save for the appearance of a brand new Bat on the scene, dubbed the Batwoman by Renee, who just may have figured out that it's probably Kate behind the mask. However, in the fight, Abbot and Whisper escape.

The last installment of the History of the DCU features a recap of "Infinite Crisis," with a curios bit about who really should have died in space instead of Jade.

Justin's Thoughts and Concerns

Poor Ralph… just when you think the youth of America can't get any worse, they start listening to that rap music and start thinking that they can resurrect dead super-liaisons. When will they learn?

And was that straw Sue Dibny just a little bit on the creepy side for you? It certainly was for me.

Points to anyone who remembers Kyle Abbot and Whisper as being former hench-folk for Ra's Al Ghul, and two of my favorite hench-folk, at that. I hope someone takes the time to show how they got involved with Intergang in the near future.

So, the beastie that attacked Renee and The Question is another mutation like Abbot and Whisper? The plot thickens.

And speaking of Mr. No-Face, I have two points to make. 1) It's been a long time since he's gone by "Charlie." Whatever happened to "Vic Sage?" 2) I know lots of folks are liking The Question's attitude and how the writers are using him, but pardon me for missing the Denny O'Neil version, rather than this "Justice League Unlimited" version.

Yeah, yeah. Batwoman. Whoop-de-doo. Yes, it's cool, but not worth the hype the powers that be presented it with. I'm glad she's around, but I think it would have made a much bigger impact if she hadn't been on everyone's minds for the past two months.


So Kate Kane is all hot to trot as the current Batwoman, but I also kind of think she'll be a casualty of the missing year in some way, especially since there's not been a single (even offhanded) mention of her One Year Later. Not that they've mentioned anyone from this series One Year Later as yet, so maybe I'll be wrong. Also, keep an eye out for the Monitors from the backup feature showing up around the DCU. Lord only knows what they're going to be up to, but it just can't be good.

Panel of the Week

A woman in black leather beating up a giant lion. That's something a little too freaky to be turned on by, even in Gotham, isn't it?


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