The "52" Cover Gallery

With DC Comics' weekly series "52" having ended this past week, readers of the series have gathered on message boards to discuss and debate the series many plot lines, but there's one aspect of the series that can't be debated - the unbelievable cover work by artist J.G. Jones. With the series completed, I went back through the series this weekend and as I was searching through the long box, flipping cover after cover, I noticed how week in and week out Jones consistently hit it out of the park. I pulled a bunch of covers out of the box, laid them out on the floor and was really quite blown away at the artwork. It's clear these covers deserve some kind of collection on their own.

While doing this it dawned on me that we've scanned every single cover of the series since it began for Justin Eger's weekly THE 52 STEPS series and thought it would be easy enough to put together a gallery of these covers for our readers. So, we bid adieu to "52" with this "52" cover gallery and look forward to "Countdown" this Wednesday, and yes, Justin will be back next Sunday with his first look at DC's next weekly comic series.

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