The 41st Top Marvel Comic of All Time Is...

Uncanny X-Men #27?!?!

Seriously, Marvel.com, you probably should have just canceled the whole "Readers vote on the Top 70 Marvel Comics of All Time" if you got so few ballots cast that Uncanny X-Men #27 is 41st (Fantastic Four #5 at #60, by the way - House of M #8 is #59).

Lord knows how insane my Top Lists would be if I didn't keep them going long enough to get hundreds of ballots cast.

I do have to give the writer of the Uncanny X-Men #27 entry credit for trying to come up with a spin on it to make it seem worthy to be on the list.

Featuring the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, the PUppet Master and Mimic, this issue provided an early example of how cool and connected the Marvel Universe could be

DOES sound a lot cooler than

Yeah, so about seven Mimic fans all put this high up on their list, and we did not get that many responses, so that was enough to get it into the middle of the list.

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