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The 40 Most Badass Black Widow Covers

by  in Comic News Comment
The 40 Most Badass Black Widow Covers

Good news, Black Widow fans — Natasha Romanoff is back! Okay, she’s not back yet, but after being noticeably missing from Marvel’s initial wave of “All-New, All-Different” ongoing series, we now know that Black Widow’s ongoing adventures will continue in 2016 in a new book from the entire “Daredevil” creative team. Mark Waid, Chris Samnee, Matt Wilson and Joe Caramagna will lend their award-winning and critically acclaimed eye for moody introspection, rollicking adventure and all-out action to Marvel’s headlining super-spy — and we cannot wait.

Marvel Announces “Black Widow” From Entire “Daredevil” Team

Chris Samnee and Matt Wilson’s first “Black Widow” cover features Natasha Romanoff being the kind of badass that longtime comic book fans and newcomers from the Marvel Cinematic Universe root for; there she is, riding a motorcycle symbolically through the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo while putting her deadly aim to work. It’s a fitting image for the hero, one of the most cunning and resourceful in the Marvel Universe, and it’s the latest in a long line of badass Black Widow covers. How long is that line? Let’s just say that this list of 40 had to be cut down from an even considerably longer list; artists love putting Nat front and center, in the thick of the action.

With all that said, here are the 40 most badass Black Widow covers from the past five decades.

1. Black Widow was a badass when she was a bad guy.

2. She was a badass when she tore it up with Iron Man.

3. Black Widow takes on the entire underworld!

4. She even made Farrah hair badass.

5. She took out the Thunderbolts.

6. She makes the “no pupils” look work.

7. Few superheroes look as badass in the snow.

8. Seriously, Natasha’s in her element here.

9. She’s a badass in water, too.

10. She runs in front of Iron Man’s giant head like a badass.

11. Nobody goes full mod like Nat.

12. Even as a literal black widow, she’s badass.

13. She shoots the Hulk in the chest.

14. Who else attacks Doctor Doom head on?

15. Black Widow loves flying kicks.

16. Widow’s badass when she goes full noir.

17. She’s a badass when she’s leaping…

18. Crouching…

19. And sitting.

20. She fights armies of Ultrons, okay?

21. She’d take on an army, ain’t no thing.

22. She’s a badass when she’s hangin’ around with the boys.

23. She’s especially a badass when she’s got a sword in her hands.

24. Of course Romanoff looks badass as a vampire.

25. And she also looks badass when she’s made up of blood, a map and bullets.

26. She shows Daredevil no mercy.

27. Okay, maybe be a little nicer to Daredevil?

28. That’s nicer — kinda creepy, but still badass.

29. Now that’s a badass team-up shot.

30. Don’t get caught in this Widow’s web.

31. Black Widow will punch you in the face.

32. Black Widow even looks badass when put through a heavy 1990s filter.

33. And she’s a badass while playing chaperone.

34. Black Widow’s got blasts!

35. She ain’t afraid to use them blasts!

36. Like a badass, Black Widow fights on planes.

37. Black Widow also outruns planes.

38. She looks badass when she’s in Spider-Man’s spotlight…

39. And she envelops Spider-Man in one badass shadow.

40. If you don’t think Black Widow’s a badass now, then she’d like to have a word with you.

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