The 40 Most Awesome Supergirl Covers

It's Kara Zor-El's time to shine. After over 50 years as a part of the DC Comics Universe, the character is once again flying high in the public consciousness thanks to "Supergirl," a new live-action primetime series that's poised to introduce the powerful super hero to a whole new generation of fans. Melissa Benoist's version of Supergirl has been everywhere lately, making new fans thanks to a number of trailers and TV spots -- not to mention the posters, promotional stills and advertisements that have put the Kyrptonian "S" glyph in the public eye in a big way.

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From the footage we've seen, "Supergirl" seems to get a lot of things right about the character and also provides something that people find lacking in DC's big screen endeavors: fun. Awesome, epic, radical, cool fun. When you think of the Supergirls (and there have been many in DC's comics over the past half century), that's what you think of, and this new series seems to be full of it.

So to celebrate the beginning of a new era for Supergirl, we've rounded up forty of the most awesome -- either awesomely fun or awesomely powerful -- covers starring the many women that have worn the "S."

1. Supergirl was awesome back in 1973 when she ventured into the Amazon.

2. She makes '80s fashion look cool.

3. And she tears up a giant robots with the best of 'em!

4. She escapes from death-pits!

5. And she can get patriotic.

6. Stopping a car without flinching? Awesome.

7. Who else makes a headband look this rad?

8. Helen Slater's big-screen Supergirl got an awesome cover.

9. '90s Supergirl is probably more totally radical than awesome.

10. Did you know Supergirl inspired that awesome "Ms. Marvel" cover?

11. Supergirl ain't afraid of socking it to vicious cat monsters.

12. Supergirl has awesome super-friends.

13. Uh, free rides are always awesome -- !

14. Supergirl knows how to strike an intimidating pose.

15. And she uses her brain as well as her brawn.

16. Supergirl's awesome in "Elseworlds" stories.

17. Supergirl looks cool even when things get hot.

18. And Supergirl ain't afraid of fighting everybody!

19. Sick wings, Supergirl!

20. Don't get Supergirl in your sights -- !

21. Supergirl, always ready for action.

22. Supergirl ain't afraid of sassin' aliens!

23. She never met a bus she couldn't lift!

24. Red, white and blue are this Supergirl's colors.

25. Supergirl's got one awesome accessory, and a legion of awesome allies.

26. She makes the classic shirt-ripping pose even cooler.

27. Who else makes riding a meteor look like this much fun?

28. Face front, Supergirl!

29. Supergirl: Totally Awesome 8th Grader

30. Supergirl is not impressed!

31. Defying gravity rarely looks this cool.

32. Just hangin' with some birds, like a totally awesome person would.

33. Supergirl does this move just as well as Superman.

34. Supergirl: Still awesome in the New 52.

35. Don't try to mess with her, goopy nanobot bad guy!

36. Keeping up with the Flash? Pretty cool, Supergirl.

37. Who knew Kryptonite made you look this awesome?

38. Yeah, she's fun and all, but don't get in Supergirl's way.

39. Here's Super-Minifig!

40. And lastly, be delighted by Supergirl and her awesome animals.

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