"The 3 Geeks" Movie Press Release!

Official Press Release

Award-winning writer/artist, Rich Koslowski ( The 3 Geeks , The King , Three Fingers ), and independent filmmaker, Heath McKnight ( 9:04 AM , Skye Falling ) are proud to announce that they've teamed up to produce a film version of Koslowski's popular comic book series The 3 Geeks.

"I was first contacted by Heath through a series of emails…he kept ordering copies of the comics," explained Koslowski. "It was a bit… curious . I thought he was either one very serious geek, or something else was cooking."

The 3 Geeks tells the story of three teenagers, Keith, Jim and Allen, and their adventures (or "misadventures") as obsessed comic book geeks.Koslowski has been nominated for several Eisner Awards––the comic book industry's most prestigious award––for his work on the fan-favorite comic.

"We were in the final stages of pre-production on my feature film 9:04 AM in late 2006, when I came across The 3 Geeks for the first time in years," said McKnight."I had purchased 'Going to the Con' from Rich back in 1998, and was once again surprised at how great the comics are, and how much this geek can relate to the characters."

Though McKnight was about to embark on a two-week shoot with his cast and crew, he began to see potential for a film."I bought more copies of the comics and sent them to some friends and film producing and writing partners of mine, to work out some ideas.Before long, Rich and I were exchanging emails, and the next thing we knew, a deal was struck to bring the 3 Geeks to the big screen!"

Koslowski adds, "I later learned that he was buying multiple copies to show around to his film crew. That they were planning on putting a short 3 Geeks film together to sway me into doing a film together!"

McKnight has produced and directed several feature and short films, and has recruited friend and writing partner, Jeremiah Hall, for help with the screenplay.Hall and McKnight have worked together on several short films, as both Director of Photography and co-writer, including Push/Pull and Suzy's Out .He was also Associate Producer on 9:04 AM .

Hall said, "When Heath first approached me about 'The 3 Geeks,' I was surprised. This is a departure for us. Our focus in the past has been drama. Growing up, my heroes were The Marx Brothers and Woody Allen. For me, this is a dream come true - comedy."

"What can I say?" added Koslowski. "Having a film made based on a comic book series I created is the realization of a dream. I can't begin to express how much I'm looking forward to making this film. And I know it's going to be great because Heath and Jeremiah share my vision and enthusiasm for the characters. And they're geeks, too! Definitely a positive!"

McKnight will co-produce and direct, with Koslowski co-producing, and Hall writing.For more information, visit www.richkoslowski.com and www.mpsdigital.com .The official teaser site, www.the3geeksmovie.com is live now.For more information, email the3geeks@aol.com or hmcknight@mpsdigital.com.

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