The 25 greatest superhero romances (Or, That Spidey sure gets around)

If we learn one thing from Jeffery Klaehn's list of the 25 Greatest Superhero Romances, it's that Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker are kind of trampy.

If we learn two things, it's that that Scott-Jean-Logan-Emma lust love rectangle is a little icky.

Seriously, though, I enjoy lists, particularly ones like this that make me consider, or reconsider, how the relationships between certain fictional characters can take on an almost iconic status.

I won't play "But he forgot --," but I'll note two things I find interesting: Klaehn's relatively high placement of the Wonder Woman-Superman relationship -- for some reason, I never give much thought to it -- and Silver St. Cloud-Bruce Wayne -- a coupling I was vaguely aware of but never realized had reached a "greatest" level.

My only criticism is that if I were doing this list -- and I'm not -- Scarlet Witch and Vision (No. 21, really?) would've been much higher, probably somewhere around Big Barda and Mister Miracle (No.7) .

(I stumbled upon the above illustration by Lucy Knisley by accident this morning. Sadly, Spider-Man/Doc Ock didn't make the list. Maybe next year ...)

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