The 2017 I'ds of March!

The concept is this - for the Ides of March, I tell you things that I'd have done in certain comics!!

But don't worry, I'm not talking about simple 20/20 hindsight things like pick a famous bad storyline and just say, "I wouldn't have done that" or "You know that cool character? I wouldn't have killed him/her."

No, I mean more like tweaks and nudges, stuff like that. Not major changes.

You can check out past years' I'ds to see what I'm talking about, or just read on!

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I'd give Emma Frost her own "X-Men" title

When Brian Michael Bendis launched "Uncanny X-Men" a few years back, following "Avengers vs. X-Men," it seemed like a novel approach to the "X-Men," where he was taking the idea of mutants being hated and feared and actually putting that into effect. Here was a team of X-Men that was legitimately hated and feared. That angle, though, did not last particularly long. However, after the events of "Inhumans vs. X-Men," it would be hard-pressed to see Emma Frost get redeemed any time soon, while with Cyclops it was rather easy to have him get redemption. With Emma Frost debuting a new team of X-Men with her during the upcoming "Secret Empire" crossover, I'd like to see this team of X-Men in an ongoing series to see what it's like when not only are you legitimately hunted and feared, but that there is a very good reason for them to BE hunted and feared.

I'd bring Silver St. Cloud back into the "Batman" titles

Of all of Batman's various love interests, my favorite has always been Silver St. Cloud, from Steve Englehart, Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin's "Detective Comics" run (although Walter Simonson was actually the first artist to draw Silver St. Cloud, which people often forget). When last we saw her, she wasn't in particularly good shape, so I'd like to see her show up again in the pages of either "Batman" or "Detective Comics," if only so that we could put "The Widening Gyre" out of continuity.

I'd have Jim Starlin write (and, if possible, draw) an Adam Warlock ongoing series

I suspect that Jim Starlin's days of drawing a regular comic book series are probably beyond him, but he's been working with Alan Davis for a while (on "The Infinity Entity" and now a "Guardians of the Galaxy" miniseries) and I think it would be interesting to see him tackle Adam Warlock on a regular basis again for the first time since he wrote "Warlock and the Infinity Watch," which was a really fun ongoing series back in the 1990s. Starlin's last crack at an ongoing series for Marvel was "Thanos," which I thought got off to a good beginning before Starlin and Marvel parted ways.

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I'd create a Stephen J. Cannell comic book universe

The late, great TV writer Stephen J. Cannell had a real knack for coming up with engaging, action-driven TV series that had a good deal of character and heart, as well. I think a number of his properties could adapt easily into comic books, and in fact, I think you could probably pretty easily create a sort of shared universe of Cannell-properties. "Riptide" and "The A-Team" could easily share a universe, as could "Wiseguy" and "21 Jump Street." "Wiseguy," in particular, seems tailor-made for a series of miniseries, with each miniseries being a different undercover operation. I'm a bit less sure of how "Rockford Files" would fit in with the rest of them, but I could still see Jim Rockford as working as a comic book character. Heck, I bet Rockford would translate to modern times pretty darn well, honestly.

I'd bring Pete Ross into the "Superman" books

With the current Superman dealing with his family-type stories, I think that working his childhood best friend into things would work quite well. Pete Ross was always a fascinating guy, in that he has heroic without being an active "punch the bad guy" type of hero and I think that's the sort of sounding board that would be perfect for the current Superman as he debates his place on this world and how to deal with his super son. For a while there in the 1970s, Pete was one of the few DC characters who actually HAD a kid. Heck, maybe it would be nice to see Pete have a kid again, so Superman's son would have someone normal to play with without worrying about his secret identity.

I'd have Tabitha Smith join the cast of "Weapon X"

Now, do note that I just like Tabitha Smith period, so if you had said to me, "Hey, Brian, should Tabitha Smith join this team book?" I would say yes, whatever book it is. "Uncanny Inhumans?" Sure. "Uncanny Avengers?" Sure. "Uncanny X-Men?" Sure.

However, I think she would be even more interesting on this specific book, as "Weapon X" is about an interesting mixture of heroes and anti-heroes trying to take down the newly reformed (and even more evil than normal) Weapon X. One of those characters is Sabretooth, and I would love to see him interact with Tabitha, as theirs was a complicated relationship in the mid-90s when she began to really care for him as a sort of father figure and he turned on her in a deadly way.

I'd let some licensed characters wield a Green Lantern ring

There have been a bunch of really fun crossovers between the characters from the Green Lantern Corps and some licensed characters, but for whatever reason, no licensed character ever seems to get to wear a Green Lantern ring. Is James T. Kirk seriously not worthy of wearing a Green Lantern ring? I mean, come on, that dude is ALL about overcoming fear! The crossovers have been quite free with letting characters wear Red Lantern rings, Yellow Lantern rings, etc. but not Green Lantern rings.

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I'd have Silk join a superhero team

The Asian superhero team-up in "Totally Awesome Hulk" has been a lot of fun (one might even term it "totally awesome"), and it made me think that I'd really like to see Silk join a superhero team. She's been around for a while now and I think she'd have some interesting interactions on whatever team she ended up on. There are, like, 564 different Avengers teams. Surely she would work on ONE of them, right?

I'd have Bronze Tiger join the Suicide Squad

It's interesting that certain members of the Suicide Squad seem like "must have" members of the Squad, like Deadshot and Captain Boomerang, but I think Bronze Tiger belongs right there with those guys. The idea of a good man who had been brainwashed into doing some awful things and then deciding to redeem himself by doing good things alongside a bunch of bad guys? That's a great hook and it is one that I think would work really well on an ongoing basis, so I'd love to see him rejoin the Squad.

I'd have Guy Gardner and Ice re-pursue their relationship

With Guy looking like he'll be spending more time on Earth again, I'd love to see him and Ice look into their relationship again. It was such an interesting dynamic between the two. The brash Guy and the reserved Ice, each bringing out something good in the other (Guy learning to be less of a reckless jerk and Ice learning to open up more).

Okay, those are MY "I'ds" of March, so now you folks share YOUR I'ds in the comments section! Or on Twitter. Or on Facebook. Wherever you feel like, really.

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