The 2016 I'ds of March!

The concept is this - for the Ides of March, I tell you things that I'd have done in certain comics!!

But don't worry, I'm not talking about simple 20/20 hindsight things like pick a famous bad storyline and just say, "I wouldn't have done that" or "You know that cool character? I wouldn't have killed him/her."

No, I mean more like tweaks and nudges, stuff like that. Not major changes.

You can check out past years' I'ds to see what I'm talking about, or just read on!

I'd give Jessica Jones an ongoing series again

My wife actually suggested this one, but I agree. It seems kind of weird that Jessica Jones' TV show was such a hit and yet Marvel doesn't have a comic book out there with the character. I mean, I know DC also didn't have a Supergirl comic book out there when the Supergirl TV show debuted, either, but DC at least addressed the issue.

I'd give Alfred Pennyworth a new hand

I was watching Agents of SHIELD the other day and they also came to the same basic conclusion when it came to Agent Coulson's fake hand. It's just easier to give him a "super advanced robotic hand" that looks like a real hand and be done with it. Having hands chopped off makes for a cool moment, but if you're keeping the character around long term, it's usually better to just give them the hand back somehow. Even Robert Kirkman admitted that, yeah, he didn't think the whole "cutting Rick's hand off" would have as much of an impact on his future stories as it did, so he probably wouldn't have done it if he had the chance again.

I'd add Tara to the Walking Dead comic book

I think Tara is interesting and the comic book could do a little bit more with her than the show. As for the benefits of adding her, A. the readers would be already invested in her as soon as they met her, which is nice to do with a new character and B. it would make readers even more antsy about whether Daryl will ever show up. So it's a win-win!

I'd do a Star Wars/Marvel Comics Crossover

We've done this as a Line it is Drawn theme before (Marco D'Alfonso did the drawing above of Deadpool and Boba Fett), but can you imagine the reaction if Marvel, who is killing it with their Star Wars line of comics, did a six-issue Star Wars/Marvel crossover? Out of continuity, of course, but still - Jason Aaron writing it, John Cassaday drawing it - holy crap, that would be amazing.

I'd ease up a little bit on the bleakness in Outcast

Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta' Outcast series has been strong so far, but I think that the book has, at times, gotten a bit TOO bleak. Recently, it seems like Kirkman is trying to address this concern by having more people involved actually believe Kyle Barnes, who has a connection to demonic possessions, but the reasons they believe are because terrible things happened to them. I know that the book is dark and that's intentional and I'm totally cool with that, but a lot of times the darkness works best when contrasted a little bit with light, so the dark is perhaps even MORE devastating. Having Kyle and his Reverand friend just have miserable thing after miserable thing after miserable thing after miserable thing after miserable thing after miserable thing happen to them gets to be a bit much.

I'd add Moon Girl to the supporting cast of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Moon Girl from Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur has been a blast, but it seems like that series is not long for the world, so I'd love to see her continue as a supporting cast member in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Moon Girl lives in New York City, so it wouldn't be too hard to work out a sort of Big Sister/Little Sister thing with her and Squirrel Girl.

I'd add Harrison Wells to the DC Universe

Harrison Wells has proved to be a pretty darn interesting character, and I think he'd be a fine addition to the cast of the upcoming Flash series as a scientific adviser to Barry Allen. Lord knows all superheroes could really use a good scientific adviser. It could also get us a brand-new Jesse Quick, if you bring his daughter with him!

I'd give another writer a shot at following Tom King on The Vision

The Vision has been excellent under the guide of writer Tom King. There is a very good chance that no one could match his (pardon the pun) singular vision, but it's such a fascinating book that I think I'd like to see another writer at least be given a chance at continuing the book past King's departure at #12. I know the most likely scenario is that the book ends at #12. And that might even be the right decision, but as we've seen with some other books that kept going after classic runs, it's not like the new stuff "hurt" the old stuff, ya know? And sometimes the new stuff is good on its own. Tom Veitch's Animal Man was a good comic book. Nowadays, there's no way that book continues post-Grant Morrison. And I think that would have lost us some good comic books. So yes, King's Vision is awesome - a later writer probably won't be as good as him, but why not give it a try?

I'd add Martian Manhunter to the main Justice League

I don't need him to be an original member or whatever, but I'd like to see J'onn at least return to his spot on the main team. Supergirl has done a nice job of showing how awesome J'onn is, and he "deserves" to be on the main Justice League team. No one has to be kicked off. There's room for everyone.

I'd give Steve Rogers the original costume back

I know, I know, I've done this one before, but since he's returning as Captain America with ANOTHER brand new costume, I figured now would be as good of a time to reiterate how much I love that original Captain America costume. The thing was unchanged for over sixty years! Why people think that they need to "improve" on it now is beyond me.

Okay, those are my I'ds for 2016! Now YOU folks send in your suggestions for what you would do! Remember, it has to be tweaks and minor changes!

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