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The 2014 I’ds of March!

by  in Comic News Comment
The 2014 I’ds of March!

The concept is this – for the Ides of March, I tell you things that I’d have done in certain comics!!

But don’t worry, I’m not talking about simple 20/20 hindsight things like pick a famous bad storyline and just say, “I wouldn’t have done that” or “You know that cool character? I wouldn’t have killed him/her.”

No, I mean more like tweaks and nudges, stuff like that.

You can check out past years’ I’ds to see what I’m talking about, or just read on!

This year for the first time I have two awesome GUESTS, our own Chad Nevett and Greg Hatcher, who will share with you THEIR I’ds!

First up, here are Greg’s…

I’d give Luke Cage and Jessica Jones their own book and I’d be sure to include Squirrel Girl in the cast.

I’d follow up Batman ’66 with Wonder Woman ’77, spun out of the old Lynda Carter show.

DC could probably get Lynda Carter herself to push it, too.

I’d find a way to get DC and Marvel reprint digests in grocery stores, racked by the checkout line right next to the Archie digests.

I’d stop using the cheapest, shittiest bindery possible on trade paperback collections. You should be able to spread a big comics paperback open to admire the art without the spine instantly splitting and pages falling out.

Were I a superhero publisher, particularly Marvel and DC, I’d actively court youth librarians and create a line of affordable hardcover comics reprints that wouldn’t cripple library budgets for the year.

And here are Chad’s…

I’d bring back Hellblazer… and collect Paul Jenkins’s run!

I’d have Brian Michael Bendis head up a team of Marvel writers for a weekly series.

I’d bring back the mutant shaman successor from X-Man #75 in Wolverine and the X-Men (as a teacher? a student? Either way!).

I’d relaunch What If…? as a regular series.

I’d publish the Before Watchmen special originally announced to conclude those books. Whatever it was meant to actually be.

Awesome stuff, guys, thanks so much for sharing!

Now here are mine for this year…

I’d make Green Lantern a book just about Hal Jordan.

I think that the Green Lantern Corps are awesome. They are a great idea. However, we HAVE a comic book that’s actually CALLED Green Lantern Corps. There hasn’t been a real distinction between Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps in years and it doesn’t seem like we’re heading there any time soon. I’d change that. I’d make it so that Green Lantern was a book about Hal Jordan, not necessarily about the Green Lantern Corps. Hal going on superhero adventures and stuff like that. When’s the last time Hal acted just like a normal superhero outside of the Justice League? It seems like forever. Heck, if Hal is too vital to the Corps, then let Hal star in the Green Lantern Corps title and give Green Lantern to some OTHER hero, like John Stewart. I just want a Green Lantern book where Green Lantern is the star and not the Corps.

I’d make a David Milch line of comic books

This, of course, would never happen because I’m sure David Milch has little to no regard for comic books, but in the world of unfinished business, isn’t Milch right up there with the all-time great instances of shows going unfinished? Deadwood never got a finale. Luck never got a finale. John From Cincinnati didn’t really have a finale. And none of them can be completed on television, so why not in comic book form? John From Cincinnati in particular would fit right into comic books.

I’d make a Quantum Leap comic book

While we’re on the subject of television and comic books, how in the world is there not a Quantum Leap comic book series?! How can the Innovation comic book series (which was pretty good, really, and had VERY early Mike Deodato artwork) be it for Quantum Leap? Doesn’t it scream out for the medium? Each issue could be its own leap. It works perfectly! Someone get the Quantum Leap license!!

I’d introduced a new Valiant ongoing series

I fully appreciate the way that the good folks at Valiant are slowly but surely capitalizing on all of the trademarks that they own from when they purchased the old Valiant intellectual property, but I’d sure like to see something more from them than just re-imagined old Valiant series. Not that what we’ve gotten so far has not been good, as it has, but it’s been good enough that I trust in the creative folks at Valiant to introduce a NEW character worthy of starring in his/her own book (preferably her as Valiant isn’t exactly swimming with female leads).

I’d have both Nick Furys team-up for a story

We barely got to see them interact when Nick Fury Jr. was introduced. I’d like to see what their interactions are like now that Fury Jr. has become such an entrenched member of SHIELD.

I’d have a Beta Ray Bill All-New Marvel Now series

Hasn’t this guy waited long enough to get a crack at his own series? If Nightcrawler can get his own ongoing, doesn’t that mean anyone can?

I’d do a New 52 Infinity Inc.

Doesn’t the set-up of a team of heroes for hire work perfectly for today’s modern world? In addition, by doing this as a New 52 book, DC could relaunch the team without having to worry about explaining all of the connections to the Justice Society. Could Obsidian, Jade, Nuklon and the like work as independent creations without any ties to the past? I’d like to find out!

I’d reboot the Teen Titans as Young Justice

With Teen Titans ending, I think the time is right to reboot the book as Young Justice. We know that the name sells and it is not like the Teen Titans had any real reason to call themselves the Teen Titans, so we might as well try to tie in with the Justice League.

I’d make the Moloids supporting characters in She-Hulk’s ongoing series

One of the saddest parts of no more Fraction/Allred FF is that we don’t get anymore She-Hulk/Moloids interaction! They were awesome. I’d like to see Charles Soule somehow work them into the ongoing She-Hulk series.

I’d try to find some way to make Beasts of Burden an ongoing series

Because Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson do SUCH an amazing job on this comic book that I am greedy and I want more!

Okay, now YOU folks send in your suggestions for what you would do! Remember, it has to be tweaks and minor changes!

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