The 2013 I'ds of March!

The concept is this - for the Ides of March, I tell you things that I'd have done in certain comics!!

But don't worry, I'm not talking about simple 20/20 hindsight things like pick a famous bad storyline and just say, "I wouldn't have done that" or "You know that cool character? I wouldn't have killed him/her."

No, I mean more like tweaks and nudges, stuff like that.

You can check out past years' I'ds to see what I'm talking about, or just read on!

I'd re-age the DC heroes

This one I just have never understood. Is there a single person ever who would read a Batman comic if he was 25 but not if he was 30? The closer in age you get characters like Batman and Nightwing, the odder it gets. In all seriousness, what comic out there would this change negatively affect?

I'd have Richard Rider play a role in the new Nova series

I know Jeph Loeb has said something along the lines of "Richard Rider's story has concluded," but I really wish that he could find a place in the new Nova title for Richard Rider. Some sort of mentoring type deal would work. It just seems like such a waste to spend all that time making Rider a mature superhero and then not do anything with him. Star-Lord is back, but I'd like to see Nova return, as well. In SOME capacity!

I'd make the arcs in Fairest shorter

I think a good rule of thumb should be two arcs to a trade. One of the best aspects of an anthology series is that if you hit a dud, it's usually not too long until you get to the next good story. And if the story is really good, there's always the chance of doing another arc in the future. But when you hit a SIX-ISSUE dud, it really hurts.

I'd have a female Green Lantern from Earth

Doesn't that just seem like it should have happened by now? I mean, I know the United States rules and all, so that's why all four of the Green Lanterns of Earth are from the U.S., but not a single woman? Weird!! That should be changed.

Speaking of female superheroes...

I'd have an Earth-1 Hawkgirl

One of the highest profile DC media properties of the past decade plus was the Justice League animated series, right?

So why is it that there is no room for one of the main characters from the series anywhere in the regular DC Universe? Why not a new Hawkgirl on the Justice League of America instead of Hawkman?

I'd give Falcon a love interest

Seriously, has it really been since the end of Christopher Priest's Captain America and Falcon series that we last saw Sam Wilson hooking up with someone? The Falcon is awesome.

We should be seeing more of his personal life. Hell, we should see more of him PERIOD.

Mentioning the Falcon reminds me of his partner, Captain America...

I'd return Captain America's costume to his old style

Captain America's costume is perfect the way it has been for decades....

It doesn't need to be movie-fied!

I guess I would ask a similar question about Cap's costume that I did about the de-aging of DC's heroes. Is anyone picking up Captain America now that wasn't before because his costume is closer to the movie version? Some things that look cool in comics just don't look cool in real life. Cap's costume is one of those things. I am totally okay with changing it for the movie. But it STILL looks cool in the comic! There is no reason to change it!

Okay, now YOU folks send in your suggestions for what you would do! Remember, it has to be tweaks and minor changes!

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