The 2010 Eisner Award Nominations Are Up!

And, as always, they're a mixed bag!

Robot 6 has the full list here.

Naturally, from a biased standpoint, it seems particularly strange that Comic Book Resources WINS the Eisner last year for Comics Journalism and then this year isn't even nominated? Odd. Especially since CBR added Joe Quesada, Paul Jenkins AND Robot 6 all this past year! And all three of those additions were quite impressive. Personally, I blame Kelly Thompson. *

Also, I get the whole "hey, let's try for a change of pace!" but Todd Klein is still the same brilliant letterer who won a gazillion Eisner Awards in a row for Best Letterer, so to not see a nomination for him was a bit surprising/disappointing.

Otherwise, it's about a typical year for the Eisners - a lot of "Oh yeah, spot on" and a lot of "Seriously? You really picked that/her/him?"

* No, Tom Fitzpatrick, I don't actually blame Kelly. It was a joke. Kelly is great. Don't freak out.

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