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The 16 Weirdest Power Rangers Monsters

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The 16 Weirdest Power Rangers Monsters

As the release of the rebooted “Power Rangers” film creeps ever closer, there are quite a few reveals as to what kind of enemies the rangers might come up against. Of course there are the putties and the newly redesigned version of Goldar, but there’s still lots to be seen in the new movie yet.

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Regardless of what will be included in the final cut, we’re probably not going to see some of the more classic villains from the show, and with good reason: they were all pretty weird. From environmentally charged beasts to mutated household items, the rangers fought a lot of bizarre baddies. We at CBR count down some of the silliest, most outlandish and downright strangest monsters to ever appear in “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” and just remember, this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg.



Where better to start than with a half-baked ripoff of a classic monster? The Frankenstein Monster was cooked up by Rita Repulsa to crash a Halloween costume party being held at the Angel Grove Youth Center. The monster was only meant as a diversion while Finster cooked up a Super Putty, so he attempted to attack teens at the dance. Of course this led to a laughable scenario where the Frankenstein succeeded in accidentally cutting a rug (not literally, we mean his otherworldly dance skillz) instead of hurting helpless teens.

The creature also suffered an odd design problem in his episode. Due to the American filming needing the monster to interact with the rangers out of costume, the villain was reshot in certain scenes with a different actor.  This makes the monster even more silly, as his design flits back and forth between cuts. This happened to a number of creatures in the show, of course, but was more obvious for this one due to his simplicity. The Frankenstein Monster was certainly a cute homage, but in a universe full of deadly mutated plants or animals, he was definitely an odd one for the rangers to fight against.



When Tommy was hypnotized by Goldar to steal the Sword of Power from the rangers, it was Zedd’s monster that was tasked with using it against the teens when the time came. For whatever reason, the best thing to accomplish the job in the evil emperor’s mind was an armored goat creature. The monster spoke in a bleating manner, looking not terribly robotic in its appearance, despite his name.

Robogoat relied less on high-end weaponry and more on fighting hand-to-hand, or rather, hoof-to-hand. How he netted the “robo” part of his name was questionable, as Zordon explained his strengths came from mystical and mechanical sources. This was hardly a good reason though, especially given that he was inspired from a drawing in Tommy’s school book on mythology. Robogoat didn’t shoot lasers, but rather wielded lightning, summoned illusions and trapped the rangers in energy bubbles. For a creature that was destined to “butt heads” with the heroes, Robogoat couldn’t seal the deal and remains one of the more off-beat monsters begotten from Zedd’s plans.



If you ever needed a good reason to avoid the great outdoors, the Spit Flower is a great one. Created as a way to further ruin Kimberly’s plans for building a parade float (yes, really), Rita magics-up the evil flower hybrid monster. The creature sets out swallowing beautiful blossoms and vomiting them back out as evil, carnivorous blooms that literally suck… the energy out of people.

Spit Flower’s origins were odd enough with it being no more than a generic day-ruiner for Kimberly specifically. While it was fairly believable that the Spit Flower’s attacks could make flowers capable of digging into the ranger’s armor, the weird part was how those blooms even posed a threat to the rangers when they were safely inside their metal megazord. These young martial arts masters, who wield powers beyond imagination, were literally fighting flowers. Spit Flower was far from your garden-variety villain, but was certainly a bizarre one.



An offbeat creation by Zedd, Magnet Brain was a morphed version of Billy’s geomagnetic device. The emperor changed his object into a so-called “monster with magnetic personality,” and commanded it to destroy the earth’s polarity. All of Angel Grove was subjected to gravity tilting, solar storms and atmospheric mayhem until they could finally put the brakes to the creature.

Even though Magnet Brain’s powers seemed the biggest threat to the rangers and earth, his appearance was more than a little weird to see. He literally looked like a regular dude with an almost ACME-like magnet for a head. The monster wielded an actual pole weapon bearing north and south directional indicators on either side to boot. It certainly didn’t help things that his attacks revolved around tossing even more magnets at the Megazord during fights. Magnet Brain was one of many literal monsters in the “Mighty Morphin” bestiary, and had very little to attract viewers to his strange appearance on the show.



Why should Rita and Zedd have all the fun in picking out new monsters? This was the line of thinking for henchmen Baboo and Squatt when they set out to cook up their own evil creature to defeat the rangers. Unfortunately neither were terribly adept at the task, and their inventiveness was to simply stick a stoplight on the back of a spiked turtle. Shellshock wasn’t terribly bright, having to be directed by the two henchmen in his attacks.

Oddly enough, the monster had a pretty decent arsenal at its disposal. The stoplight allowed it to freeze the rangers or, in the case of Trini, run non-stop. It also had a cannon in its shell that it could fire in place of its head, alongside its weird ability to hit a bunch of baseballs in succession at its enemies. Even though Shellshock had the rangers on the ropes, his powers could be bizarrely undone by the petals of a very specific flower recovered by Trini. From inception to defeat, this monster was definitely one of the weirder ones.



Once the rangers decide to start a clean-up club, Rita takes it upon herself to summon a creature that will mess up their plans. Enter the Polluticorn, a mutated unicorn whose sole purpose was to litter the living daylights out of every place it comes across. The creature looked like an iron horse reminiscent of a twisted carousel ride, with bug-like wings it used to blow forceful winds.

The odd thing about this villain is that he never truly appeared to pollute anything, despite the rangers asserting that he did. It didn’t seem concerned at all with spreading trash around or deforestation, just flying around and taking pot shots at the teenagers when it could. Polluticorn absorbed their attack power before getting severed in two by the Megazord’s Power Sword. For a monster with a name indicating a war on the environment, and an appearance that did anything but, Polluticorn was a pretty odd one altogether.



This monster was the unfortunate effect of Finster’s new “vehicular transformer apparatus.” It was used by Lord Zedd as a way of trapping Kimberly in the cab she, Bulk and Skull took in order to chase down a car thief. When the car changed, it took on the look of a messed up hot rod and spoke with a stereotypical New Yorker accent.

The villain joyrode across Angel Grove, while the rangers chased after it very slowly on their motorcycles. This, of course, allowed the monster to stay true to his name, spouting angry lines like “Quit tailgating!” and unleashing “smog” in the form of explosive smoke bombs. In the end, Crabby Cabbie didn’t do much other than elicit a bout or two of car sickness from Kimberly, Bulk and Skull. Maybe the monster was a shining example of why Finster hadn’t transformed vehicles before, as it made for one weirdly wacky villain.



Accurately dubbed “the most horrifying chicken the world has ever seen,” the Chunky Chicken was a special request in devious monsters by Rita herself. The sorceress needed the mutated fowl to kidnap a child that could open up a mystically locked chest holding power eggs. Oddly enough, the Chunky Chicken didn’t actually kidnap the kid in question. That task was actually accomplished by a group of Putty Patrollers, further rendering the monster’s creation as a bit of a head-scratcher.

The monster was armed with a giant pair of scissors that could slice into alternate realities. This allowed Chunky Chicken to rip portals in space to attack the rangers from multiple angles. It didn’t last long in battle, very quickly being defeated by the Power Ranger’s Power Sword. To add insult to injury, Chunky Chicken was even called out by Goldar in the episode as a “lame monster.” Chunky Chicken was an incredibly specific request from Rita that turned out to be a largely useless and entirely weird villain for the rangers to skewer.



Another monster that showed up early in the “Mighty Morphin” run, Pudgy Pig is just downright haunting. Rita requests the creature in order for it to eat all the food on Earth after seeing the rangers partake in a culinary festival. Even Finster himself says the pig isn’t his best work, but Rita demands it be made anyways. This results in Pudgy Pig, who appears as a mutated hog’s head with short limbs, sporting a trojan helmet and wielding a fork and knife.

The monster never seemed overtly interested in fighting the rangers themselves, more so in consuming anything it could find; including the Rangers’ weapons. Much in line with his oddball way of terrorizing people, the rangers were able to defeat the pig by feeding him plates of food laced with spicy ingredients. This porker was not only incredibly off-putting to look at, he was totally useless and only succeeded in getting a bad case of indigestion before blowing up.



Ideas for the next monster weren’t always Rita’s, sometimes Lord Zedd got in on the brainstorming. In the episode “Two For One,” the evil emperor had the bright idea to steal Kimberly’s purse and transform it (along with one of the contents) into a creature to defeat the rangers. Besides Pursehead, a tube of lipstick was transformed into the creature Lipsynch, which ended up a much more formidable an opponent for the rangers.

Pursehead utilized a variety of weapons, all deviated from something found in an overfilled women’s handbag. A ray beam emitting from a compact mirror and even an electrified line of dental floss were just two such weapons at its disposal. The monster managed to barely have Tommy on the ropes before getting a swift kick in the stomach to transform back to its inanimate self. Pursehead wasn’t just weird, it was a lazy creature that seemed like the writers were having a slow day when coming up with the villain of the week.



Lord Zedd was certainly an emperor that didn’t have or want to use Finster’s monster-matic, opting instead to morph creatures out of regular items. This time around, it was a kaleidoscope belonging to Adam, giving birth to the monster known as Scatterbrain. The creature was able to scramble the brains of Tommy, Kimberly and Billy, afflicting them with a form of amnesia. The logic was that Scatterbrain could break up people into millions of pieces and reassemble them without their memories, similar to a kaleidoscope with colors… sort of?

Poor explanation aside, Scatterbrain managed to jumble the brains of all of the rangers, essentially winning the day. Sadly, though, he was undone by Bulk and Skull clumsily throwing prisms that strangely managed to revert the monster’s memory-scrambling ray. Not only did the basis of Scatterbrain’s power make little sense, the creature himself was questionably defeated by the most hapless characters in the show; a poor reflection on Zedd’s monster-making choices all around.



As if Chunky Chicken wasn’t enough of a fowl villain, we’ve also got to mention Turkey jerk. For whatever reason, Bulk and Skull think that, in their efforts to discover the identities of the Power Rangers, building their own monster and unleashing it on Angel Grove was a good idea. Utilizing a guide on monster-making and mixing it up with a book on cooking a Thanksgiving meal, the duo slap together a creature of their own. Rita and Zedd get wind of this and lend a helping hand to bring the monster to life. Thusly did they beget Turkey Jerk.

The villain was just how his name sounds, a giant turkey kitted out in space armor with a goofy, punk attitude much akin to his creators. Perhaps the weirdest aspect of Turkey Jerk was his choice in weaponry. He would use a turkey baster laser, which is odd considering that it’s used for a task with which most birds would take issue. In the end, the monster was vaporized with the Power Cannon, leaving it lost to the vestiges of history. It’s only fair that Turkey Jerk was an oddball monster, as it was made from a combination of two dimwits that couldn’t keep track of their own books.



Where to even start with this guy? This monster was actually a favorite doll of Trini’s that looked like it could induce nightmares even before it was transformed. Rita has Squatt change it with a special device and she commands Mr. Ticklesneezer to use his mystical bottle to trap the rangers for eternity. To be fair, the monster didn’t have any ill intentions or want to hurt anyone, he just happened to be too afraid to say no to Rita.

Other than sucking up random objects like cars, buildings and planes into his magical bottle, Mr. Ticklesneezer didn’t pose much of a threat. He couldn’t physically fight off the Megazord and didn’t actually harm anyone intentionally. Of course, Ticklesneezer’s inception turned out to be a red herring, as he was dreamed up by Trini during a fitful night of sleep. At least there is an explanation for the silliness of this monster, but it was still an incredibly weird villain for the rangers to go up against, even in a filler episode.



As far as weirdness goes, Eye Guy certainly ranked among the best of them. A recurring monster character on the show, this villain had a reputation for kidnapping children through his detachable eye and stealing their intelligence. Rita requests his help to take down the rangers early in the fight, to which the creature is only happy to help. Eye Guy kidnaps Billy’s young protégé friend Willy in an effort to sap him of his smarts, before the rangers show up to get him back.

There simply is no end to the weirdness with this one. Why does he target smart kids? What does he use the stolen intellect for? Even more baffling is why a monster with a body comprised of a vulnerable area even poses a threat. This creature would just as easily be defeated by a stray eyelash or some dirt in the wind, but ends up giving the rangers a run for their money. Eye Guy was not only bizarre in appearance, he was weird in his continued threat to the rangers, even though a solid poke in one of his numerous eyes would have likely put him down for good.



When Kimberly gets the opportunity to participate in a Halloween-themed game show dubbed “Trick or Treat,” it only follows that Rita would want to send in an appropriate monster to bust up their day. Baboo and Squatt plant some rotten pumpkin seeds in the park to grow the evil monster Pumpkin Rapper. Once the creature gets the drop on the rangers, he traps them with pumpkins on their heads before making a rhyme-dropping entrance for the ages.

Pumpkin Rapper’s appearance wasn’t all that disconcerting, as he looked more-or-less like an orange scarecrow with an over-sized, upside-down jack-o-lantern for a head. The most mind-boggling characteristics to the monster was his inexplicable affinity for rapping instead of speaking, and planting rotten pumpkins on Putties’ heads, presumably to keep to the theme. Oddly enough, the rangers defeating Pumpkin Rapper wasn’t the last of him, as the monster made a repeat appearance to spit even more cringe-worthy rhymes while fighting the heroes.



When Rocky gets introduced to Juice Bar owner Ernie’s new pachinko machine, Zedd takes it upon himself to cast a spell rendering the ranger all but hopelessly addicted to the game. Eventually, the emperor’s plot involves morphing the object into a monster dubbed (you might have guessed) Pachinko Head. The villain didn’t have a lot in its arsenal to fight with, but managed to trap Kimberly, Billy and Aisha in life-sized pachinko balls, which he kicked around with the spellbound Rocky.

Eventually Pachinko Head changed all but Tommy into play balls, but the he was able to distract the monster by tossing a frisbee of all things. This villain was just as useless as it was odd, as it routinely avoided fighting in favor of playing games of hide-and-seek or finding new toys. For such a silly monster, it’s laughable to think that Pachinko Head actually managed to imprison the rangers, but simply didn’t have the wherewithal to finish them off. The heroes should have counted themselves lucky that they encountered a monster more concerned with being fun than deadly.

Which weird Power Rangers foes do you remember fondly? Let us know in the comments!

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