The 16 Most Dangerous Weapons In Marvel Movies


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has its fair share of powerful weapons. Each subsequent movie in the franchise introduces more destructive firepower, more powerful artifacts and devices that everyone from the Red Skull to Thanos are after. But when it comes to these weapons, be they destructive or protective, the real test of power comes from the one who possesses it. When a man like the Red Skull is in possession of Dr. Erskine's serum, he uses this power for his own gain and becomes a super-villain. But when Steve Rogers is enhanced, he becomes the greatest super-hero the world has ever seen.

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The same goes for the weapons these characters possess. Some are used for good, others for evil. Some of these weapons might have the power to annihilate all life in the Universe, and still its user would not dare do such a thing. While it would be easy to deem a weapon such as the Infinity Gauntlet as the most dangerous in the MCU, it's important to remember that, as it stands, the Gauntlet is basically nothing more than an empty glove right now. Therefore, join us today as CBR takes the time to list the 16 most dangerous weapons in the MCU, from Iron Man to Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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Peter Parker is known for many things, like being the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, a Daily Bugle photographer and a superhero with the biggest heart and the worst of luck, but there is one thing that some people seem to forget and that is that he is really smart. He's so smart in fact, that he even managed to invent a very powerful weapon in the MCU: his web-shooters.

Spider-Man's signature weapon, the web-shooters are how Peter Parker swings around the city of New York and how he is able to capture any bad guy he comes across. The web itself is very powerful, able to hold up impressive amounts of weight, capable of holding a ripping boat together, capturing Captain America or even bringing down Giant-Man. Spider-Man's web-shooters may not have cosmic properties, but at the end of the day, they could still make the biggest of differences.



Tony Stark's armor is always impressive. Each designed for its own purposes, any invention of Stark's could be deemed a powerful weapon in the Marvel Universe. But, in his armory, there is one like no other, an armor for his own regular armor to wear: the Hulkbuster -- the armor designed to hold its own against the Hulk, and the one designed to stop the green monster should he ever become (more) out of control.

As we have seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Hulkbuster armor has the capacity to level buildings, fly, transport the Hulk and is even armed with Iron Man's regular arsenal of firepower like his repulsor rays and missiles. While Hulk was able to damage the armor, the Hulkbuster, after a devastating fight, was able to live up to its purpose, which makes it one of the most powerful weapons in the MCU.


Made purely of the Wakandan metal known as Vibranium, Captain America's shield quickly became his signature weapon. At his side ever since his early days in World War II, the shield has been shown to perform many feats, whether it's taking out a great number of enemies in a single throw or absorbing the shock of a long and should-have-been-fatal fall down the side of a building.

As we have seen from the Captain's many uses, the shield is as much a defensive weapon as it is a protective one. It can block Iron Man's repulsor rays, protect him from alien weaponry and it was even shown to be able to withstand a massive lightning blow from Mjolnir, Thor's cosmically-powered hammer. We still haven't seen the full limits of the shield yet, and we still wonder what could ever come to rip it in half.



While it took its time to find its place at Stephen Strange's side in Doctor Strange, the Cloak of Levitation quickly earned its place as one of the MCU's most powerful weapons. While its origins are unknown, its capabilities are not. Most notable for giving its wearer the ability to fly, the Cloak of Levitation has also shown that it has a mind of its own and can form an attachment to the person who wears it.

Because of that, the Cloak is not only a protective weapon, but also a powerful ally. We have seen it guide Doctor Strange's hand when he was in need of a weapon that could restrain Kaecilius, and we saw it work on its own to take out one of his zealots. The Cloak of Levitation will not only wipe Stephen Strange's tears away, it will also faithfully wait for him to return.


The Yaka Arrow is an easy weapon to forget in the grand scheme of things, but when it comes down to it, it has been shown to be one of the most devastating weapons in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when it comes to casualty numbers. At the sound of Yondu Udonta's whistle, the arrow comes to life and flies and zips left and right as it pierces through its targets.

Already a dangerous and menacing weapon that could bring even the most annoying shopkeepers silent, the arrow was made all the more dangerous when Yondu's second fin was installed. In a sequence that became a clear highlight in a movie filled with highlights, Yondu's Yaka Arrow took out every Ravager on his ship in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Also, the arrow was even shown to enable flight, Mary Poppins-style.



Captain America's shield may be made out of Vibranium, but Black Panther has a complete armor made out of it. From head to toe, King T'Challa has all the benefits and strengths of the metal native to his very own nation of Wakanda. Like the shield, the armor has been shown to deflect bullets without denting, and its lightweight fabric makes it incredibly easy to move around in.

Not without its weapons, the Black Panther suit is also armed with retractable razor-sharp claws that can slice through almost anything. Those claws are the only things that we have seen make a dent in Captain America's shield yet, and they even allowed T'Challa to slide down the side of a skyscraper. And that is only the beginning, as we have no doubt that the Black Panther film will show us a lot more of what this suit is capable of.


In Thor: The Dark World, the Aether was introduced to us as a weapon as old as time itself, a weapon that could bring darkness wherever there was light. Neither liquid nor solid, the Aether has been show to be a force that can be harnessed by a single user, a user that the sentient weapon can come to possess, just like we saw it do to Jane Foster -- to the point that Jane herself was almost gone.

But in the hands of of the Dark Elf Malekith, the Aether became a weapon of unimaginable power, something so powerful that it could extinguish all life in the Universe. We are still unclear as to how exactly it could have done that, but we saw its exponential destructive potential, and we saw the weapon be used against the might of the God of Thunder. Although stopped, this Aether -- the Reality Stone -- might return yet.



While both Ultron and Vision are sentient characters, they were each created as weapons. First, Tony Stark, with some help, brought Ultron to life in the hopes of creating something better and more efficient and lasting than the Avengers. The result, however, was an evil robot who saw that the real problem was humans -- a robot capable of creating and controlling a metallic army all on his own.

And, looking to build an even better version of himself, Ultron created the Vision. The only problem was that the Vision, thanks to the Mind Stone and his own personality, developed a mind of his own and chose to see the goodness in people. With the powers of super-strength, flight, super-hacking, intangibility and laser blasting, the Vision is easily one of the most powerful Avengers... and the one who defeated Ultron.



When Loki resurfaced on-screen in The Avengers, he was armed with a scepter, one that we saw had been given to him by Thanos himself. With this scepter, Loki was able to corrupt the minds of brilliant and strong characters like Dr. Erik Selvig and Hawkeye himself, Clint Barton. Under this spell, Loki was able to control these characters like his very own puppets.

But that's not all this staff was able to do. It also had the ability to shoot laser blasts that could level vehicles and structures and it could even hold its own against the strikes of Mjolnir. Later, we would come to learn that the gem powering this scepter was in fact housing the Mind Stone, one of the six Infinity Stones, making this staff one of the most powerful weapons in the MCU.


In the Ant-Man movie, we came to learn all about Hank Pym's very own invention, the Pym Particles, a serum that, when inserted in the right suit, could enable to wearer to shrink down to the size of an ant yet retain normal strength, even enhanced, at the same time. While the Ant-Man suit could be considered to be the weapon itself, the Pym Particles are the fuel necessary to power it.

In fact, it was only when Darren Cross was able to replicate his own version of the Pym Particle formula that he was able to bring his very own powerful armor, the Yellowjacket, to shrink to the size of an insect. While its primary function is to shrink, the Pym Particles are also vastly powerful, from going by undetected and even enabling one to enter the Quantum Realm.



The Destroyer was introduced as one of the primary weapons and defense systems of Asgard in Thor. Responding only to the All-Father's commands, the Destroyer is a powerful sentient armor made purely out of metal that can shoot a destructive, obliteration ray from its very face. Stomping the ground with its heavy, haunting footsteps, the Destroyer didn't hesitate to pulverize the Frost Giants who infiltrated Asgard.

But its full might would be revealed later, when Loki, now king of Asgard, set the Destroyer loose upon the world. Seeking out Thor, the weapon found the small village where Thor was living and proceeded to destroy every structure, weapon and man that stood in its way. It managed to kill Thor as a man, but it would take his return, as a God, to stop this terrible force from wreaking any more havoc.



The Tesseract, originally known as the Cosmic Cube in the comic books, is a powerful weapon of nearly limitless power. While in the comics it is a powerful weapon able to re-write reality itself, its capabilities were changed in the MCU. Instead, the Tesseract was introduced as a powerful energy source, one that gave the Red Skull and his army the upper hand in World War II.

Later, in The Avengers, we would come to known that not only is the Tesseract a source capable of fueling weapons, it was also a gateway to another universe, a door that led to the other side of space itself -- a door that let an entire army of aliens loose on Manhattan. While this immensely dangerous weapon is now back in Asgard, the reveal that it is in fact an Infinity Stone no doubt means we will see the Tesseract again.



The Bifrost is the Asgardians' Rainbow Bridge, their means to travel from one realm to the next. Controlled and watched after by the Gatekeeper Heimdall, we have seen this bridge be used to such effect, shooting powerful energy as it brings travellers to and from Asgard. But while its primary function is that of transport, the Bifrost was also used to disastrous effects.

In fact, in the final act of the first Thor film, Loki used his power to leave the Bifrost active as it tore a hole into the Frost Giant's home-world, Jotunheim. Thor managed to stop Loki and save the planet, but if he hadn't, the Bifrost would have destroyed the planet completely, just as Heimdall had warned. Such a powerful force, able to destroy an entire world, is surely one of the most dangerous in the MCU.



The weapon known as Mjolnir was forged in the heart of a dying star. Not only is it powerful just as a hammer, it also has the ability to summon and control lightning. With it at his side, Thor is the God of Thunder. The hammer is so powerful that it was the only thing able to stop the Destroyer, and its lightning was able to destroy the Chitauri's Leviathan squadrons.

Mjolnir was also shown to be capable of destroying entire landscapes, as seen in the first Thor movie when the title character laid waste to Jotunheim's icy grounds. The hammer also destroyed the entirety of Sokovia before it fell to the Earth and it even gives Thor the power of flight. There might be no limits to Mjolnir's strengths and we dread to see it destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok.



The Power Stone, another of the six Infinity Stones, was the main point of conflict in Guardians of the Galaxy, as the object inside the orb that everyone was after. But it was only when it was delivered to the Collector that we saw exactly what the Power Stone could do: as soon as it comes into contact with organic matter, it destroys it.

It's something we saw on a small scale when the Collector's slave used it in an attempt to kill her master, and on a much larger scale when we caught a glimpse of a Celestial using this stone to lay waste to an entire civilization and planet, something that Ronan would later attempt to do. The stone is so powerful in fact, that no mortal can seem to wield it, unless they are themselves Celestials. Or half of one anyway.



So far on this list, there have been four Infinity Stones, out of the six that exist. While there is still one stone unaccounted for in the MCU, the last we know of, the Time Stone, just might be the most dangerous weapon in the Marvel Universe. As we saw in the Doctor Strange movie, the Eye of Agamotto is powered by, at its center, the Time Stone.

With it, Stephen Strange was able to harness time itself and manipulate it. With it, Doctor Strange was able to save Hong Kong, and he was able to trap Dormammu in a time loop that led to his downfall. There is simply no telling what limits it has. But time manipulation can be a dangerous game to play with and, as we have seen, the consequences can be catastrophic, like oh, say, just ripping a hole in the fabric of reality itself.

Which weapon is the most dangerous in the MCU? Let us know in the comments!

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