The 15 Steamiest Love Scenes In Game Of Thrones

When people think of Game of Thrones they have images of dragons, stags, lions, wolves -- the sigils of each respective house. Their minds are also bombarded with flashes of family, war, death… and lots and LOTS of sex. While there are plenty of battles and blood throughout the show -- because let’s face it, it's shown on HBO, which is like the Vegas of television -- what truly cranks many a fan's tractor is the nudity, intimacy and vast amounts of little-left-to-the-imagination fornication going on in the GoT universe.

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The fact is that some of the steamiest scenes in television history have come from Game of Thrones, meaning there are plenty to choose from. Whether it's seeing characters rutting away in some or another form of undress, a dwarf having a great time in a brothel or a squire whose prowess between the sheets leaves even professionals flabbergasted, the love-making in this show is vast and all encompassing. Seemingly everyone featured on Game of Thrones has had relations at some point, and here we list our top picks.


Though not actually shown as a scene in the show, back in season three Tyrion Lannister is reminded by his sorta/kinda friend Bronn that Podrick Payne saved his life in the Battle of Blackwater. In order to try and repay this debt, Tyrion brings Podrick to Littlefinger’s brothel in King’s Landing to pay a trio of women to take the boy's virginity. Later on, Podrick returns not only with a smile on his face, but with all of Tyrion's money.

Although not shown, this earns a slot on our list for the sole reason that Tyrion and Bronn simply could not believe what they had just heard. Never before had they seen a person come back from a brothel claiming that they wouldn’t allow him to pay because they enjoyed it so much.


This particular scene takes a slot because it was one of the formative, establishing scenes for Theon Greyjoy. While we had obviously seen the character in previous episodes, here we got to see that Theon was more than a face in the background. While a hot scene in and of itself, the big thing that this scene starts is a kind of love story on the part of Theon.

Though completely on his side of things, seeing as Ros was a prostitute, Theon was honestly hurt and felt emotional turmoil when Ros left Winterfell to try for a better living at King’s Landing. This scene showed us two characters who would run for quite a time in a carnal embrace where one was obviously happy to have the other wrapped around their finger.



AWe all love to hate Ramsay Bolton; some even more than Joffrey. In this particular scene, we see Ramsay with his current flame Myranda as he tells her that he will be taking Sansa Stark as his wife so that he can be the true Lord of Winterfell. Obviously, Myranda isn’t a fan of the plan because she is in love with him (for whatever convoluted reason) and threatens him with getting married herself.

Upon hearing her comeback Ramsay pushes her against a wall and tells her that she is his and that she won’t bore him. Struggling for a second, she reaches out and kisses him then bites down hard on his lip causing him to bleed, knowingly making the masochist ready to go. Luckily, they were both into it.


After the death of Khal Drogo, Dany pretty much shut herself off to men, instead focusing solely on ruling and eventually claiming her birthright of being the Queen of Westeros. While working towards these goals, she is introduced to a man named Daario Naharis and a group called the Second Sons. This band of sellswords (mercenaries) winds up being betrayed by Daario because he wanted to align with Dany while his superiors did not; so of course, he killed them and took over, pledging allegiance to Daenerys.

Eventually, the pair wound up in bed with each other and it was nice for the audience to see Dany happy again. While it is widely believed she did at least fancy him, she elected to leave her happiness behind in order to sail to Westeros and attempt to finish her mission of becoming Queen of Westeros.



At the end of the first episode of Game of Thrones, we follow one of the younger Stark children, Bran, on another one of his gravity defying romps along the stone structures of Winterfell. At the top of the tower he is climbing, we are shown none other than the Queen of Westeros having relations with her own brother and Captain of the King’s Guard, Jaime Lannister.

A heavy breathing Queen notices Bran and tells Jaime to stop and covers herself. Taken aback by this development, Bran tries to hide, but Jaime coerces him to come into the window. When Cersei says that no one can know about what Bran had seen, Jaime issues a sigh and “the things I do for love” before shoving Bran out the window. Up until the death, this was an off-putting, but inarguably passionate moment on the show.


Samwell Tarly first met Gilly on a trip north of the wall with Jon Snow. When they met, Sam took an immediate interest in Gilly, and when he learned of the relationship she was forced to endure with her father, he became extremely protective over her. Gilly was the daughter of Caster and was also forced to be his wife. The pair had a son, who, after Sam helped liberate Gilly, she named Sam in his honor.

After seasons of tension, the pair wound up having a touching moment where some other men of the Night’s Watch tried to corner and assault Gilly, and Sam stood up for her to protect her. This results in Sam getting pretty badly beaten and Ghost having to scare away the men. After witnessing this and trying to treat his wounds, Gilly has sex with Sam.



The biggest problem (in the show's context) with Renly Baratheon trying to be King is the fact that he is officially married to Margaery Tyrell, but he’s gay and in love with her brother, Ser Loras Tyrell. In one scene, we see Ser Loras and Renly alone in the tent together undressing and discussing the appointment of Brienne of Tarth to the Kingsguard.

As Renly realizes Ser Loras is jealous, he promises to make it up to him and attempts to get intimate with him. He is stopped, however, when Ser Loras reminds him that he has a duty to his wife to consummate their marriage. When Margaery shows up without Ser Loras, Renly tries to say he had too much to drink and couldn’t get aroused. She then offers to have her brother come in the room or turn around so Renly can pretend she is her brother.


In this scene, we see Ros once again, this time seemingly having a grand ol' time with another of the prostitutes in Littlefinger’s brothel by the name of Armeca. Littlefinger notices the moans and screams coming from Ros as she was pleasured by Armeca and tells them to stop. He then goes into a lesson about how to make men believe that the women who work for the brothel are actually enjoying themselves with whichever man they are currently entertaining.

Though Littlefinger doesn’t actually join the sex, he does watch the whole thing, randomly throwing out instructions like some kind of sideline sex coach. He then drones on a bit about how he was once in love and how it inspired him to contrive his own machinations against the throne and... blah blah blah, bro, way to be a buzzkill! Jeez.



When Melisandre is first introduced in the show, we see her being portrayed as a true believer in the Lord of Light who will use whatever means necessary to help Stannis become the true King of Westeros. Although soft spoken, the character has a sly and manipulative quality to her that Stannis felt was there, but then threw his morals out the window when she made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Even though he was married and had a child, Stannis fell into the arms of Melisandre right on the war table when she promises to give him a son, all he needs to do is give himself entirely over to the Lord of Light by sleeping with her. This meeting ends with the pregnancy of a shadow baby which murders Renly Baratheon.


When Dany and Drogo first got married, he had little interest in her personality or what she wanted. He took her as his Khaleesi, but it was not what you might call an easy relationship, particularly at the beginning. At the time, she was not yet the strong, independent and powerful leader she would soon become, but proved in the end that she was his physical, emotional and intellectual match -- or better!

Later on, Dany puts what she learned to good use when the Khal came in to have his way with her again, wanting to be with her like the brute he was famed for being. She stops him, and although he tries again to do it how he wants, she gets his attention and says in Dothraki “tonight I would look upon your face.” This leads to what is probably the most romantic GOT sex scene.



When Robb Stark was proclaimed King in the North by his countrymen to fight against the Lannisters, the Young Wolf lived up to the name. At one point during his war, Robb wound up having to promise his hand in marriage to one of the daughters of Walder Frey. Not only did Robb have little interest in the daughter, he had little interest in Walder himself, but agreed to the marriage anyway to move along his campaign.

While speaking with Talisa about the stress he was currently under then asking how she came to be a field surgeon, she told him a story about how she almost lost her brother and how a slave saving him regardless of consequence made up her mind. She decided then and there to never live in another slave state. This makes the pair fall into each other's arms as they passionately embrace (screwing up the deal with Frey, which would inevitably lead to their shared downfall).


In Tyrion Lannister’s very first appearance on the show, we are shown just how far the show will take things. When first we lay eyes on the eventually epic dwarf, he is on the receiving end of a very special kiss from Winterfell’s most popular prostitute, Ros. After weeks of being on the road to Winterfell, Tyrion decided to see some of the more exotic sights of the snow-laden fortress.

Like Dany and Theon, Tyrion's scene here established the very formative beginnings of what would be one of the show's most important characters, especially leaning in to his love of cavorting with the more beautiful aspects of life, not to mention the more carnal ones. It is not the last time we would see him in similar states, but its intimacy did set a very particular tone for the character and the show.



In an early episode of season one, Daenerys’ brother Viserys is in a bath tub with Doreah, an ex-bedslave whom he had purchased for his sister as a wedding gift to serve as her handmaiden. While the two are enjoying each other's company among the steam of the hot water and smoke of the candles, Doreah asks if Viserys has ever seen a dragon.

After telling her that the last living one died long before he was born, he told her that he had seen their skulls. He tells her that they used to line the Red Keep and would start small and get larger the further down the hall you went. From what we can tell on Doreah’s face, dragons weren't the only thing on Viserys' mind as he named the ever larger skulls.


When we meet Oberyn Martell, we are almost immediately introduced to his “plays by his own rules” attitude. The Prince completely ignores the welcome that Tyrion had set up for him in order to head straight to a brothel instead. With his paramour Ellaria Sand, he chooses not only a woman to share a bed with the pair, he also tells the man who is offering up the ladies to take off his clothes so that he can join them as well.

An extremely steamy scene, even by Game of Thrones standards, we are made privy to a show that is not afraid of tackling things like polyamorous relationships and open, unabashed sexuality. We get to see that a couple can be completely in love with each other and still be able to have other partners, whichever gender they might be.



The top slot on our list could go to no other scene than the literally steamiest scene in the entire show. Although a man of the Night’s Watch at this point in the show, which made him take a vow of celibacy, Jon Snow had captured a Wildling by the name of Ygritte who started making almost constant sexual advances towards him.

When Ygritte turned the tables on Jon, though, and he wound up being the one captured along with another “crow,” he was forced to (initially) pretend to want to join the Wildlings. In order to make sure that he had completely betrayed his vows to the Night’s Watch, Ygritte tricked Jon into following her to a cave full of hot springs and finally got him to get physical… not that he seemed to be complaining.

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