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Strip Wars: The 15 Most Scandalous Star Wars Outfits

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Strip Wars: The 15 Most Scandalous Star Wars Outfits

When George Lucas gave us Star Wars in 1977 it had everything a young fan could want: a swashbuckling hero, an epic villain, lasers, alien creatures and spaceship battles. Many don’t realize that his intention was to create a family-friendly affair — something that would eventually be perfect for Disney. It wasn’t until the third film in the franchise, Return of the Jedi, that we got Leia in the iconic metal bikini, as well as a couple more scantily clad dancers in Jabba’s thrall. The point being, George was making a sci-fi film in the late ‘70s that many thought would be a B-movie, so some risqueness could be expected.

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His conscious choice to keep it PG has become a hallmark of the films, as is apparent when you see Rey in The Force Awakens. However, the comics and even the animated series take more risks when it comes to showing some skin. Below we take a look at the handful of exhibitionists from the live action trilogies and a more abundant bounty from the comic books, cartoons and even a video game. While some of these individuals wear skimpy or form-fitting gear for functionality, some just like to show off what they’ve been blessed with.


Trill was created for the Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi (2012-2015) series by writer John Ostrander (Suicide Squad) and artist Jan Duursema (Star Wars: Legacy). She was a Force-sensitive female enslaved by the Infinite Empire. This ancient imperium was the pinnacle of progress for the Dark Side-worshipping Rakata species. The Rakatans were brutal nomads who sought out Force-rich worlds to pillage. Only the strongest beings on these planets survived, and those who did were then trained to be Force Hounds, who in turn found more targets for their masters.

Her name, Trill, is a single letter of the Aurebesh alphabet, and this is what is tattooed on her face. In battle and ambition, she often came second to her broodmate Xesh. Why her armor leaves one of her most sensitive areas uncovered is beyond us, but it does make for a pretty distinct look.


Sing started as a Doug Chiang sketch that he named “Babe Fett”. Apparently, George wanted more faces filling out his pod race scenes in The Phantom Menace (1999), so Chiang had whipped up a couple rough concepts. In the film this ruthless bounty hunter is played by model Michonne Bourriague, though you only see her for the briefest moment.

In the Expanded Universe her backstory was fully explored in comics, novels and video games. She was a former Padawan whose tragic past left her with a serious grudge against the Jedi Order. However, it was The Clone Wars animated series that developed her story. While we got some minor info about her past, the series mostly details her actions during the war between the Republic and the Separatists. Aura’s close-fitting bodysuit may not show much skin but it certainly doesn’t leave much to the imagination.


This bare-it-all beauty is from Dark Horse’s awesome Expanded Universe comics. She first appeared in Star Wars: Republic #49 (2003) and was introduced as an agent working for Count Dooku during The Clone Wars who was supposed to infiltrate Jedi Quinlan Vos’ spy ring. Hentz posed as a prostitute and was given the job of seducing Vos and gaining his confidence. As you can see, her attire fits her role. In the ten issues she appears in, her standard get-up is a bikini and fishnets.

Khaleen not only wins the Kiffar Jedi over, but genuinely falls for him and defects to his side. In fact, she becomes pregnant with his child and Vos ends up choosing his new family over the Jedi Order. Her and Vos’ romance is partially the basis for the Ventress and Vos love story in the in-canon Dark Disciple novel.


There’s two species that are prevalent on this list: Zeltrons and Twi’leks, which is no coincidence. There is a good reason each of these races have so many entries. Zeltrons look wholly humanoid other than having red skin. What can’t be seen is that they are high level empaths by nature and that they can produce powerful pheromones. Due to these factors, Zeltrons are hopeless romantics with a highly sexualized culture. They made their debut in Star Wars #70 (1983) with a female pirate named Dani.

In Star Wars #95 we meet four male Zeltrons named Rahuhl, Bahb, Jahn and Marruc that have been assigned to Princess Leia. Her Highness is not a fan of Zeltrons, to say the least. However, although these four look like Ibiza rejects and act like excited puppies, they turn out to be resourceful and pretty good in a fight.


Rystall is an entertainer who is half-human and half-Theelin. Her mottled skin, six horns and bright shock of orange hair are all characteristics of the Theelin species. She first appeared in a bonus scene that was added to Return of the Jedi for the Special Edition (1997) release. In her brief bit of screen time, Rystall is shown singing and dancing with Lyn Me and Greeata at Jabba’s palace as part of the Max Rebo Band.

This head-turner has attracted the attention of Black Sun lieutenant Prince Xizor, Tatooine gangster Jabba the Hutt, and top bounty hunter Boba Fett. Sadly, her skin-tight body suit does not cover up her feet. While they are not pictured here, believe us when we tell you that they look like the hooves of a pachyderm.

10. OOLA

Oola is synonymous with the title “Jabba’s dancer.” This green-skinned hottie is the first Twi’lek on our list and as we mentioned there is a reason this species take up quite a few of the entries here. Their culture is rooted in song and dance, and the criminal element on their homeworld sell many of their people into slavery as exotic entertainers.

Oola first appeared in the original version of Return of the Jedi (1983). She was grossed out by Jabba, as we all were, and when she refused his advances, he opened his trap door and fed her to his brutal and disgusting pet Rancor. Many a young man started maturing the moment they witnessed Oola get her boogie on in that flimsy fishnet costume.


Like Rystall Sant in our #11 spot, Lyn was in the additional footage added to Jabba’s court scene in the Return of the Jedi: Special Edition. The character was portrayed by ballet dancer Dalyn Chew. Lyn tours the galaxy performing with the Max Rebo Band as a free Twi’lek. This blue-skinned stunner is accomplished in her heritage’s traditional dance, which involves various manoeuvres with the Lekku (head tails).

Like many a fanboy, she worships Boba Fett. However, her reverence for Fett is due to the galaxy’s most ruthless bounty hunter freeing her village from slavery when she was only a child. Lyn’s stage costume is very similar to Oola’s, suggesting the look may be the customary Twi’lek attire for dancers. Although, Lyn’s outfit is definitely less revealing than that of her fellow Twi’lek.


12 years after Return of the Jedi, the inhabitants of Jabba’s lair were further explored in an anthology novel entitled Tales From Jabba’s Place. In the book, we meet a character we never saw in the films but who would end up playing a major role in the Expanded Universe — Mara Jade. The story goes that there was yet another dancer named Arica that entertained Jabba with Oola and the ladies of the Max Rebo Band.

She performed in a blue number that might not have been as skimpy as Oola and Lyn’s clothing, but still got the grimy Hutt smiling. However, she is actually an undercover agent named Mara Jade who works directly for the Emperor and she has been sent to kill Luke Skywalker. Much later in continuity, Mara ends up falling for Luke and bares him a son.


In the Expanded Universe, the Sith are not only those that utilize the Dark Side of The Force but, in fact, an ancient species. These red-skinned humanoids originate from the planet Korriban. This species is not evil by nature but they are predisposed to the Dark Side. Sek’nos is a Sith from before they were religious cult. He was introduced in the Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi (2012) series and was actually a Je’daii, which is the order that eventually evolved into the Jedi.

He was even raised on Tython, the planet where the first Jedi temple was erected. Seki, as the ladies liked to call him, was not a fan of wearing a shirt. He even fought with nothing more than a couple leather straps across his chest. He started as an outgoing character, but betrayal and torture drove him to the Dark Side.


What is a respected Jedi Master like Shaak Ti doing on this salacious list? Well, in canon this Togruta Force-user is never seen outside her austere Jedi robes…but in the 2008 video game The Force Unleashed, she strips down to her skivvies. The storyline for the game concerns the birth of the Rebellion but it is now considered not part of the official timeline. Its events and characters have been trumped by the Rebels animated series and Rogue One.

In the Expanded Universe, Shaak Ti survives Order 66, which she does not in canon. She decides to roam the galaxy in search of other Jedi survivors and happens upon a masterless Padawan bent on revenge named Maris Brood. The two go into hiding on the jungle world of Felucia. In heat like that even the reserved Ti had to get out of those Jedi robes.


Another Twi’lek that shockingly does not wear much. We got our first eyeful of Aayla Secura in Attack of the Clones (2002). She was played by Amy Allen, who has become very popular on the convention circuit. This character was the Padawan of subversive Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos. In the Expanded Universe comic series Republic (1998-2006), their relationship was fully explored.

She received the rank of Master toward the end of The Clone Wars. However, she was not a master long, as she was killed by her own Clone Troopers when Order 66 was issued. Unlike most Jedi, Aayla does not wear the traditional dour robes. She eschews the cumbersome attire for a simpler leather get-up that allows her to perform amazing lightsaber manoeuvres of Form IV unhindered.



This is the second Zeltron on our list and this one is even more amorous. Deliah debuted in the Star Wars: Legacy Vol. 1 series that ran from 2006-2011 and explored Luke Skywalker’s descendants two generations removed. She was one of three crew members on a ship dubbed the Mynock, with the other two being their fearless leader, Cade Skywalker and his bestie and co-pilot, Jariah Syn.

Deliah was the ship’s mechanic but could use a hydrospanner to fix just about anything. Did we mention she is in love with Cade? Most mechanics wear some pretty hefty overalls or maybe a welding apron, but this Zeltron regularly rocks a sports bra top, perforated yoga pants, knee-high boots and a choker. We imagine she must have spark burns in some pretty sensitive places.


While the Knights of the Old Republic (2006-2010) comic series was full of scum and villainy, this Zeltron was one of the worst. She was a child slave turned vicious slaver. She was raised in the fight pits of The Crucible, an age-old slave-trading syndicate established by the Sith. Unlike most Zeltrons she is sadistic and violent due to her upbringing.

Her real name is Kessarah but she earned the name Chantique, which means “destroyer” in the ancient language of The Crucible. She eventually became leader of the nefarious organization that had molded her. Even if she doesn’t have the disposition of the common Zeltron, Chantique still dresses like one. Her outfit is reminiscent of dominatrix gear and her whip just puts an exclamation point on it.


Leia Organa was the definition of a “strong young woman” in A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. So when she’s captured at the beginning of Return of the Jedi and forced to wear the infamous “metal bikini,” you knew her blood was boiling. While she looked great in the outfit, it proved to also be helpful when she strangled Jabba to death with the chain he had leashed her with.

There was just no way she was going to accept that grievous affront to bonafide royalty. Now, here’s what you may not know. The European graphic novel entitled The Land Without Stars (from the Valerian and Laureline series) features a female protagonist wearing an almost identical metal bikini and was originally published in 1972. Coincidence? We will leave it up to you to decide.


In the Legacy Vol. 1 (2006-2011) comic series, which falls under the Legends banner now, the Sith reemerged led by Darth Krayt. It’s been over 30 years since the events of Return of the Jedi and the beloved characters of that trilogy are long gone. Krayt has eliminated the Rule of Two and instated the One Sith, which are a Dark Side army.

However, within that legion, there is a small handful of acolytes who oversee the new Sith Empire. Two members of this inner circle are Krayt’s “Hands,” Darth Nihl and Darth Talon. These two enforcers live to execute his will. Talon is yet another Twi’lek, yet she looks very similar to Darth Maul, who is a Zabrak, because they both bare full-body Sith tattooing. While we got to see Maul’s tatted up chest in The Phantom Menace, Talon’s leather bikini leaves even more of her sacred ink visible.

Did we miss one of the Star Wars Universe’s more scandalous outfits? Hit up the comments and let us know!

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