Wade’s Ladies: The 15 Most Important Women in Deadpool’s Life

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For a guy with a face that looks like ground chuck, Wade Wilson somehow manages to do all right with the ladies. If most of them have wanted to see him dead, well, so what? That’s just a part of his charm. With news of Zazie Beetz claiming the coveted role of Domino in “Deadpool 2,” we thought it’d be fun to run down a list of the most important women in Wade’s life.

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Now, to be clear, not all of these fine, long-suffering ladies on our list are connected to Deadpool romantically. That would just be weird and in one case blatantly illegal. Rather, this is a compilation of all the women in Wade’s life that have had some kind of lasting impact. Whether young or old, villain or ally, these 15 ladies have what it takes to hang with everybody’s favorite motormouth. Somebody get ‘em medals or something…

SPOILER ALERT! Spoilers ahead for numerous stories published by Marvel Comics.

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Wade's Ladies Negasonic
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Wade's Ladies Negasonic

A breakout star of the blockbuster “Deadpool” film, Negasonic Teenage Warhead is a much different character than she is in the comics. Created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely during their classic run on “New X-Men,” Ellie Philmister is a Genoshan teen, who possesses a startling ability to come back from the dead. Originally, her powers were limited to precognition but the young goth’s star turn on the big screen has had an undeniable effect on her comic book counterpart, warping her appearance and powers so that they more closely resemble the live action version.

In her most recent appearances in the pages of “Deadpool & the Mercs for Money,” she’s been shown to possess immense superhuman strength, speed and durability, along with the ability to absorb radioactive energy for a variety of effects. Portrayed in the film, with just the right combination of gothy angst and apathy by Brianna Hildebrand, Negasonic’s dry wit and off-the-charts power, impressed Deadpool fans so much, she’s returning for the sequel.


Allison Kemp has more reason to hate Deadpool than most and that’s saying something. A former FBI and Interpol agent who was rendered quadriplegic by an explosion detonated by Deadpool during an undercover mission in Detroit, Kemp nonetheless climbed the ranks in the intervening years, until her forced retirement. During her time in the upper echelons of law enforcement, she embezzled billions of dollars from various agency slush funds, using the stolen funds to finance her revenge on the man she held responsible for her paralysis.

To this end she financed the resurrection of T-Ray and Slayback, two of Deadpool’s most fearsome adversaries, hoping they would put an end to him, once and for all. The scheme was ultimately unsuccessful, after Slayback proved useless in training exercises and was subsequently killed by a sabotaged parachute. Deadpool made short work of the returned T-Ray by blowing him up on Kemp’s custom airship. Just as Kemp was about to sacrifice her life to kill her foe, Deadpool reminded her he couldn’t have known she was undercover in Detroit and that she had no one to blame but herself for her medical condition, prompting her to give up her misguided quest for vengeance.


Wade's Ladies Ella Whitby

Ella Whitby was a British psychiatrist who cultivated a rather unhealthy obsession with Deadpool, first helping him escape incarceration from the Crossmore Institution, where she worked and then stalking him after he was free. Deadpool tracked Whitby back to her home, where he discovered she had been building a collection of his discarded body parts for years. He eventually found Whitby dressed in a facsimile of one of his costumes, holding the warden of Crossmore hostage in his home, intending to kill the man as a tribute to her love.

She detonates a homemade bomb in the warden’s house, while both she and Deadpool are present, hoping to spend the rest of eternity with him. Wade survives the blast of course, and returns to Whitby’s home to dispose of his old body parts. Although hideously burned, Whitby survived the explosion as well and surprises Wade in her home, continuing to profess her love for him. When Wade shuts her down, a despondent Whitby commits suicide, shooting herself in the head.


Wade's Ladies Zoe Culloden

Zoe Culloden was an operative of the inter-dimensional law firm Landau, Luckman and Lake, who first appeared in the pages of Wolverine, where she engaged the X-Man in battle, believing him to be the killer of her mentor and savior. She first became interested in Wade Wilson before he became Deadpool, when one of her fellow employees at the law firm predicted he would have a role to play in an impending doomsday scenario, as Mithras. Culloden began an obsessive study of the mouthy mercenary, hoping to climb the ranks of the prestigious and powerful law firm via its fabled Mithras Directives.

Although not entirely convinced Deadpool was in fact the hero foretold by her colleague’s prophecy, Culloden had by this time befriended his girlfriend Vanessa and was instrumental in her rescue, after she was targeted for murder, due to Wade’s botched assassination of Blind Al. Unfortunately, Culloden’s sympathy for the bizarre couple was all for naught, as Deadpool promptly broke up with Vanessa, after discovering he had contracted cancer.


Wade's Ladies Mercedes Wilson

Once upon a time, there was a happy young married couple named Wade and Mercedes Wilson. One day, they saved a man named Jack from drowning and nursed him back to health. However, Jack was a bad man, a murderous mercenary who killed Mercedes and left Wade for dead, taking up his identity. Eventually, Jack became Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth. Or so the story goes, according to the undead mercenary named T-Ray, who believes he is the one true Wade Wilson. In an effort to get back at Deadpool, T-Ray resurrected Mercedes and pitted her against his foe as a form of torture.

His plan backfired though, when Deadpool noted that it didn’t really matter who Wade Wilson truly was, because in the time since Mercedes died, he had tried to become a better person. T-Ray, on the other hand, had degenerated into something far worse: a ghoulish, single-minded killer, who was using Mercedes as a tool for psychological torture. Sickened by her role in T-Ray’s scheme, she helped Deadpool defeat his nemesis but left with the undead mercenary, leaving Wade to deal with the resurrected ghosts of his past.


Wade's Ladies Lady Deadpool

Wanda Wilson first appeared as the gender-swapped Lady Deadpool of an alternate Earth in 2010, in “Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth” #10. Created by Victor Gischler and Rob Liefeld, Wanda was a member of the revolutionary forces fighting a fascist regime of American loyalists, in a world where the United States had fallen apart. Deadpool first encountered his female counterpart while trying to return Headpool to Marvel’s zombie universe. She shows up again as a member of the Deadpool Corps, a super-group of Deadpools gathered from across the multiverse that also includes Kidpool, Dogpool and the aforementioned Headpool.

In Cullen Bunn’s meta series “Deadpool Kills Deadpool,” Wanda is one of the last alternates to survive a murderous culling of all Deadpools by the Evil Deadpool Corps. She alerts the prime Deadpool to the danger, finally bringing him into the fight against the legions of his evil counterparts. When the Evil Deadpool Corps pulls out all the stops and unleashes Galactipool on their adversaries, Wanda sacrifices her life to kill the cosmic consumer by piloting the starship Bea Arthur directly into his face.


Wade's Ladies Gwenpool

In spite of her name and appearance, Gwenpool has pretty much nothing to do with Deadpool or Gwen Stacy, although she is an amalgam of both characters. She first appeared on a variant cover of “Deadpool’s Secret Wars” #2, created by artist Chris Bachalo. A back-up story in “Howard, the Duck” and a couple of self-titled holiday specials followed. Her origin story is, as the kids these days say, very meta. A teenager from the so-called "real world," where the Marvel Universe and all of its inhabitants are the fictional constructs of a multimedia entertainment company, Gwenpool traveled to the 616 by as-yet unknown means.

Eventually, Gwenpool set out to be a mercenary, using her impossible knowledge of the inner workings of the Marvel Universe to defeat adversaries otherwise far more powerful than she. A “fourth wall breaker” of the highest order, Gwen finally met Deadpool while they were both imprisoned by Arcade. Although he mercilessly beat her in a fourth wall-shattering showdown, Gwen convinced him they should “pool” their resources, reminding him he was beating up a teenaged girl. They teamed up to locate Arcade, before Gwen made short work of the twerp with a kick to the face.


Wade's Ladies Siryn

In one of his more unlikely, if not downright bizarre relationships, Deadpool was, for a time, actually the romantic interest of Theresa Cassidy, also known as Siryn. Cassidy was created in 1981 by Chris Claremont and Steve Leioloha and debuted in “Spider-Woman” #37. Her romantic dalliance with Deadpool started while she was a member of X-Force, while battling her evil uncle Black Tom Cassidy and the Juggernaut. Their relationship was frowned upon by the rest of her mutant colleagues, especially Warpath, who had developed a crush on Siryn himself.

Despite this, Theresa and Deadpool tried to make a go of it. As one of the few people on the planet who was able to see the man beneath the horrific appearance and put up with his constant nattering, Theresa encouraged Wade to embrace his hidden heroic tendencies. Although she was ultimately unable to put up with his frequent bouts of insanity, while continuing to serve as a member of X-Force, Theresa can be credited, at least in part, for the heroic direction Wade’s life has taken in recent years.


Wade's Ladies Carmelita Camacho

Wade Wilson and Carmelita Camacho first met while he was a “member” of Heroes for Hire. When Luke Cage and Iron Fist are hired to bring in the murderer of Carmelita’s father, Wade decides to help by infiltrating the evil White Man’s gang but is quickly captured. He’s thrown into a room with the captive Carmelita, who wants to spend her last hours “loving.” Wade and Carmelita bump uglies (literally, in Wade’s case) and he unknowingly impregnates her. Cage, Iron Fist and Deadpool take down the White Man’s gang and eventually go their separate ways.

Years later, Wade discovers Carmelita and his daughter Eleanor are being held captive as insurance by the Butler, who has been secretly harvesting his DNA for years for use in the creation of a team of North Korean X-Men. Accompanied by fellow Weapon Plus program members Captain America and Wolverine, Wade is unable to save his former one night stand and discovers Carmelita’s corpse in a mass grave. It’s a poignant scene that shows another side of Wade, but never fear, he hops back in the saddle and breaks the Butler’s neck as payment.


Wade's Ladies Shiklah

The succubus known as Shiklah once ruled over the whole of the monster world, much to the chagrin of the world’s vampires. When humans came onto the scene, the monsters were forced into hiding and Shiklah was locked away in a sarcophagus by her father for her own protection. Flash forward a few centuries to the present, when Dracula hires Deadpool to retrieve Shiklah, so that he can marry her and unite all monsters under his rule. After freeing her from her coffin, Deadpool decides to marry Shiklah himself and the pair get hitched in New York City in a ceremony presided over by Nightcrawler.

However, a happy ending wasn’t in the cards for the Marvel Universe’s strangest newlyweds. Thanks to Deadpool’s burgeoning popularity and his commitments to his daughter and the Avengers, Shiklah starts sleeping around with everyone from her personal guards to the Werewolf by Night. This somewhat cheeses Deadpool off but he seems to understand her actions. Most recently the couple have come to blows over the death of one of the citizens of Shiklah’s underworld Monster Metropolis, prompting her to launch an invasion of the surface world. So much for wedded bliss…


Wade's Ladies Blind Al

Blind Al is arguably the most infamous of Wade’s Ladies to make our list, thanks in no small part to her role in the blockbuster movie. Her past is mysterious but she’s hinted at working for British intelligence during World War II, when she encountered Captain America. Her dealings with Wade began before he became Deadpool, after he refused to fulfill a contract on her life. The two would meet up years later, at which time Deadpool captured her and forced her to live with him. Thus began one of the strangest, most controversial relationships in all of comics.

As one of the few people willing to stand up to him, despite his often cruel treatment of her, Blind Al is also one of Deadpool’s most trusted confidantes. She acts as surrogate mother, housekeeper and willing prisoner but isn’t above a little healthy revenge if necessary. In recent years, her appearances have become more infrequent (likely due to Deadpool’s increased mainstream success), but she was invited to his recent wedding to Shiklah. However, Wade messed up the braille on her invitation and she ended up at a gang funeral, where she was last seen asking whether or not the bride was “hot.”


Wade's Ladies Emily Preston

S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Emily Preston first encountered Deadpool when she hired him kill an infestation of zombie presidents wreaking havoc in New York City. During the course of the mission, Preston was killed when an undead George Washington attacked her helicarrier. Her consciousness was transferred by a necromancer into the mind of Wade Wilson, where Preston would dwell until a suitable LMD body was found and she was freed from piggy-backing on his psyche.

The time spent sharing Deadpool’s admittedly fluid headspace allowed her to become one of his most trusted friends and allies. She was instrumental in locating his lost daughter Eleanor, eventually becoming the girl’s foster mother. Believing his increased visibility as a world-famous superhero endangered his new family, Emily and Eleanor entered witness protection and moved to Arizona. Their time there was short-lived, however and Emily moved the family to New York, where she could help Wade as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Eleanor could be closer to her “Dadpool.”


Wade's Ladies Domino

Domino’s connection to Deadpool largely comes by way of her relationship with Cable. She was kidnapped by Deadpool’s boss Tolliver around the same time Cable took over leadership of the New Mutants. Tolliver sent Deadpool’s ex-girlfriend Copycat to take her place, so that she could spy on their activities. Deadpool would eventually free Domino by accident, after she shoots him. Years later, after S.H.I.E.L.D. recruits her and other former members of Six Pack to capture their former leader Cable, she switches sides and along with Deadpool, helps defeat her old teammates.

Her most recent dealings with Wade occurred when she recruits a new version of the Mercs for Money to help him free Negasonic Teenage Warhead from the nefarious clutches of Umbral Industries. Consisting of herself, Gorilla-Man, Hit Monkey and Machine Man, the new mercenary group offers Deadpool membership but only with the understanding that Domino is the one actually in charge. The character is set to appear in the live action sequel “Deadpool 2,” and will be portrayed by Zazie Beetz.


Wade's Ladies Copycat

Considering the confusion surrounding Wade Wilson’s origins, which have been muddied over the years by false memories, conflicting stories and a number of retcons, it should come as no surprise that Copycat’s history is also somewhat convoluted. She first appeared in “New Mutants” #98, impersonating Domino on behalf of arms dealer Tolliver. Later retcons revealed Vanessa Carlysle first met Wade Wilson before he became Deadpool and that the young couple was very much in love. After discovering he had cancer, Wade broke off his engagement to Copycat and the pair went their separate ways.

Many years later, it appeared as if she was murdered by Sabretooth during a mission as part of Weapon X. However, an injured Deadpool had the courtesy to bleed into her open wounds and his robust healing factor allowed her to recover from her injuries. She managed to cheat death a second time at the hands of Firebrand and it was revealed she was running a chimichanga stand, in order to keep an eye on her former love. Determining he was happy in his new life as a superhero, she closed up shop and faded into history.


Wade's Ladies Eleanor Camacho

The most important young woman in Wade’s life is his daughter Eleanor. The product of a one night stand with Carmelita Camacho that occurred during a case with Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Eleanor was raised by her mother until they were kidnapped by the Butler. She was raised by the Butler’s brother Joshua as his own daughter, until Emily Preston finally located her in Illinois. Pursued by U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M., Joshua and Eleanor escaped to Chicago, where Deadpool rescued her after Joshua suffered a heart attack.

Fearing for her safety, Deadpool arranged for Eleanor to be given a false identity and sent her to live with Emily’s family in Arizona, under witness protection. When a Deadpool impersonator got close enough to them to savagely beat family friend and former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Scott Adsit, they pulled up stakes and moved to New York City to be closer to Wade. A plucky girl, who has somehow adjusted to having a raving lunatic for a father, Eleanor is one of the few people alive who loves Wade unconditionally; finally giving the Merc with a Mouth somebody worth fighting for.

Who do you think is the most important woman in Deadpool’s life? Let us know in the Comments!

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