The 15 Fiercest Geek Girl Cosplays

In The Dark Knight Rises, Bane says "No one cared until I put on the mask." When it comes to cosplay, people really take notice when detail, love, and care are poured into the endeavor. It's not just about wrapping a towel around your neck and saying you're Superman, it's about the putting in the physical discipline and details in looking like the heroes and villains you want to emulate. But how realistic is that? Christian Bale for Batman Begins put on too much muscle and had to drop 20lbs before shooting. Margot Robbie worked with her trainer three hours a day almost every day to prepare for Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. How are cosplayers supposed to compete?

The answer? Like a boss. Whereas some cosplayers would throw in the towel, these cosplayers said "hold my beer" and transformed themselves into their comic book, movie, and animated counterparts. In some cases, they may give the movie studios some food for thought when it comes to recasting. Admire their beauty, then take the time to think about the hours that went into getting their looks just right as well as the hours it took to painstakingly create their outfits in real life. Enjoy these 15 Steamy Geek Girl Cosplays!

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At first glance you perhaps thought this was a production still from Game of Thrones featuring Jon Snow and his beloved Wildling Ygritte. If you thought their characters had passion for each other, the two actors are engaged in real life! Take another look at the photo, because believe it or not we're not looking at Kit Harington and Rose Leslie!

We're gazing at the wonderful Instagrammer Olya_Bony, who is a makeup artist and cosplayer from St. Petersberg, Russia. Olya_Bony is joined by selgis_mikhail and the two do a variety of joint cosplays together. Olya also does a killer Melisandre as well as Mother of Dragons. Winter has arrived but these two will keep you hot while you wait for Game of Thrones to return! Photo by andrejerastov.


Anastasia Cisarovna joined Cobra and became the head of their intelligence operations and became known as the Baroness. She is intelligent, seductive, and in a romantic relationship with the arms dealer named Destro. If you remember her from the cartoon from 1985, you know that she would mask her heavy Germanic/Slavic accent and infiltrate a variety of G.I. Joe operations.


Catwoman has had multiple dramatic changes to her costume ever since her first appearance in 1940. In fact, when she first appeared in Batman #1 Catwoman was not wearing a costume or mask at all. In some versions she even has a cape and wore purple, but the 2001 Ed Brubaker version features Selina Kyle wearing black, looking more like a cat burglar (no pun or irony intended).

KamikoZero from Moscow, Russia chose a more classical approach. Not quite cat burglar but not wearing a cape, here we see her post-theft but still on the prowl. Kamiko balances out her villainy by also cosplaying as Batgirl, Huntress, Zatanna, and Starfire to name just a few. We hope Batman can keep up with her. Photos by wisekumagoro.


Even if you're a Star Wars fan, you might have to run to Wookieepedia to learn about Darth Talon. She was a part of the a new cast of characters created in the comic book series Star Wars: Legacy, which first premiered in 2006. It took place during the "Legacy Era" which was almost a full century past the known continuity established in the films. Talon was from a race known as the Lethan Twi'lek, who after becoming a Sith covered her body in Sith tattoos similar to Darth Maul.

International cosplayer and wigmaker Jannetincosplay brings Darth Talon to life in a way that very few have. Hailing from Moscow, Russia, she might as well be a creation from Industrial Light & Magic. There is a beauty to her that is both familiar and alien, and the cosplay work that she's invested in Darth Talon is as breathtaking as it is deadly.


Pamela Isley would eventually become the Batman villain known as Poison Ivy, but her powers and power levels change based on what version you're taking a look at. Some versions have her controlling plants and exerting significant powers of persuasion over men. Other versions have her connected to the world's flora using the Green, a similar process that Swamp Thing employs.

Regardless of what powers she's using, cosplayer Elizabethrage is definitely utilizing her ability to influence and seduce. Whether she's destroying buildings in Gotham with giant vines or mind-controlling Superman, Poison Ivy is not to be taken likely, and elizabethrage certainly captures her strength and her beauty. Poison Ivy can be a tough character to cosplay; recent versions of her depict her as nude with strategically placed leaves! Photo by jrulison.


We saw Rogue One's Felicity Jones play Felicia Hardy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and if there was a third film in the series we probably would have seen her play Spider-Man's frenemy Black Cat. In the comics, The Black Cat is technically attracted to Spider-Man but not to Peter Parker. In the former Ultimates Universe, after unmasking Spidey and finding out how young he was, she literally threw up on him out of disgust. #Spideyproblems.

Calliecosplay definitely captures the dangerous, free spirit of Black Cat. Maybe it's the faux fur or the leather, but the costume along with the platinum wig makes it less of a cosplay and more of an audition to be in the new Spider-Man movie! Black Cat similar to her namesake, provides bad luck to those around her. It feels like good luck that we came across calliecosplay! Photo by John Corley


Mutants are often labeled as outcasts because their abilities make them different and difference can scare people. Mutants are also doomed to having overly complex backstories. Although Domino was originally introduced in The New Mutants #98, it was revealed that that was someone imitating her, with the real Domino appearing in X-Force #8 a little over a year later. Will we ever get to know the real Neena Thurman, whose powers provide her with good luck and others with bad luck?

Thanks to cosplayer dominique_skye we get to spend some time with the secret agent/mercenary/X-Force member. Domino is known for having pale white skin and a large dark spot over her left eye. Although in Deadpool 2 Domino will be played by actress Zazie Beetz, we won't know her take on the character until the movie premieres in June of 2018. Until then, we're "stuck" with dominique_skye's version of Cable's former teammate.


Perhaps you enjoyed watching Scooby-Doo, Where are You! growing up. It was a fun cartoon that followed the crime-solving adventures of four friends and their talking dog. However, did you know that all of the characters had elaborate backstories? Did you know Daphne's last name was Blake, had a black belt in Karate, and a family butler named Jenkins? How well do you know Velma? Did you know her last name was Dinkley and she had a sister named Madelyn?

How well do you think French cosplayer joulii91 knows Velma Dinkley? Is Scooby-Doo big overseas? We love her take on Velma, who has undergone a bit of a makeover. She's wearing her iconic turtleneck and black-rimmed glasses, and we would expect her to be in a library as opposed to a photo shoot. We here at CBR appreciate beauty and brains, so we're eager to see what mystery she's going to solve next! Photo by Omaru.


In The Dark Knight, Harvey Dent says that you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. In Harvey's case it's absolutely true, because he eventually transforms into the Batman villain Two-Face. However, for Selina Kyle, whose character has been around for as long as Batman, she's stuck around long enough to be the hero. Granted she still functions as a cat burglar from time to time, but she's currently engaged to Bruce Wayne!

Brazilian cosplayer melmeowcosplay is taking on Catwoman's modern, cat burglar costume. No purple capes or cat masks for her; she may be upside down on the couch, but it seems like it's just practice for upside-down scaling a building or stealthily creeping into a window. Catwoman has been played by such iconic actresses as Eartha Kitt, Michelle Pfeiffer, Anne Hathaway just to name a few. Melmeowcosplay has a lot of cat competition!


The first appearance of Black Widow was in Tales of Suspense #52 back in 1964. Although she started out as a villainous Russian spy, she eventually defected to America, joins S.H.I.E.L.D. and the rest is Marvel history. In Avengers: Age of Ultron we're given a glimpse of Natasha Romanov's upbringing, but there's still plenty more secrets about her past to be revealed. Will we finally get that Black Widow movie starring Scarlett Johansson?

Calliecosplay is back! Besides doing a killer Black Cat we see that her Black Widow is just as powerful. Whereas the Black Cat depends on her "bad luck" powers and her cat-like abilities, Black Widow is a bit more dependent on gear, so the addition of the gun and bullet bracelet are excellent touches. Calliecosplay trades in her platinum blond wig for a red one, and when the Cat's away, the Widow will play. Photographed by David Thorpe.


In Return of the Jedi, Leia tries to rescue Han Solo but winds up getting caught by Boba Fett. Fett holds her captive, forcing her to sit next to him, chained up and wearing a bikini, thus creating the iconic Slave Leia outfit. The outfit has been admired by both men and women alike and in the third season premiere of Friends entitled "The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy," Rachel dresses up as Slave Leia.

We don't have a picture of Jennifer Aniston as Slave Leia, but we do have one better! Model and Instagrammer haileebobailee gives us something we may never see in a Star Wars movie: Leia wielding a lightsaber. Even though Leia is Luke's sister we have yet to se her show off her lightsaber skills. Even Han got to use one! Needless to say, haileebobailee in more ways than one helps us live out our fantasies.


Emma Frost from her beginnings as a member of the Hellfire Club has always had, shall we say, unique costume choices. When she was the White Queen in the Hellfire Club, her outfit consisted of lacy white lingerie. It wasn't like we were seeing her in her bedroom; she was wearing this stuff into battle! Even when she was working full time with the X-Men her top consisted of partial coverings to her chest so that a strategic "X" was formed. Clearly she's not worried about getting wounded in battle.

Hakayna.cosplay from Moscow, Russia has taken on the daunting task of cosplaying Emma Frost. Anyone can just show skin, but it takes poise and self-confidence to portray the leader of both the Hellfire Club as well as the X-Men. Hakayna is confident and in control, and maybe it's the mind control talking, but we're ready to follow her into battle!


Harley Quinn has always been a bit of an anomaly. Her first appearance wasn't in a comic book but in Batman: The Animated Series. The character resonated so well with fans that she made it into the comics and eventually the big screen. Is Harleen Frances Quinzel hot because she's crazy or the other way around? Who else but Harley would go into combat wielding a comically large hammer and a t-shirt?

MiuMoonlight from Germany really captures the punk aspect of Harley. Accessories like the bracelets, belt, and the spiky shoulder pads make the outfit! Besides Gotham City Sirens, a film focusing on a squad of all-female villains, Margot Robbie is lobbying for a solo Harley Quinn movie. Given the shakeups happening after the unflattering performance by Justice League, the DC film schedule is up in the air. While we wait for the calendar to settle, enjoy the cosplay by MiuMoonlight! Photo by eosandy.


Although it's called Persona 5 it's technically the sixth entry in the Persona series. Persona 5 is a popular PlayStation video game that follows a high school student in Toyko. Don't worry it's not all studying for tests; the game also involves combat with enemy Shadows, leveling up characters, and wearing masks to activate your Persona. It's as fun as it is complex. Who thought high school could be so action-packed?

Shirogane-sama is a cosplayer and wigmaker from Moscow, who is cosplaying Ann Takamaki. When not a high school student at Shujin Academy, she is a member of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, who fight to change the hearts of evil adults. Where was this group when we were in high school? Shirogane-sama goes all in and really does justice to the Persona 5 character. Photos by pollypwnz.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit was an innovative blockbuster that brought together in a clever way animation and live action. However, was it responsible for making Disney the juggernaut that it is today? Arguably speaking, the film's financial success helped in bringing about what's known as the Disney Renaissance. After the film was released in 1988, Disney released a hit film almost every year for the next ten years.

Samkocosplay from Novosibirsk, Russia figuratively and literally breathes life into Roger Rabbit's wife, Jessica. Samkocosplay captures not only the look of the original cartoon but the sultry images conjured up by Kathleen Turner's voice. Samkocosplay makes us forget that the original Jessica Rabbit was just a drawing! Here she is live and in the flesh! Photography by rogutenok.

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