Eminem The Punisher

Marvel tested the waters of musician-based comics in the ‘90s with their subsidiary Triple R Comics and a few years later with Marvel Music. In terms of Hip-Hop, Triple R gave us the hard-to-find Boo-Yaa Tribe comic “Comin’ At Yaa” in 1990, while Marvel Music delivered the Onyx comic “Fight”

in 1995. Around the same time, Kid ’N Play’s Hollywood success landed them a cartoon and a short-lived companion comic on Marvel proper.

However, none of these acts received the massive honor Marshall Mathers got in “Eminem/The Punisher” #1 (2009), a comic which saw the rapper thrust into the Marvel Universe and facing-off against an actual Marvel hero. Not only did "8 Mile’s" mouthpiece get to co-headline a comic with Frank Castle, he gun-butted him in the face and then later saved his life. Sure, the plot that involves the Parents Music Council hiring Barracuda to kill Em leaves a lot to desired, but the art and novelty alone land it on our list.

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