The 100: The Survivors Have a New Planet... and Old Grudges

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for "Sanctum," the premiere episode of The 100 Season 6, out now.

Despite the final message from their departed friend Monty Green, the surviving characters of The 100 are already back at each others' throats throughout the Season 6 premiere. While the last remnants of humanity have successfully arrived at the faraway alien planet of Alpha, surviving the 125-year interstellar journey by being placed in cryosleep, the memories of all the violence and betrayals they committed against each other in Season 5 are still fresh in their minds as they wake orbiting the brave, new world.

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For the series' main protagonist, Clarke Griffin, she must contend with betraying her friends, including the ship's engineer and pilot, Raven Reyes, to the escaped prisoner McCreary in a desperate bid for survival towards the end of Season 5. As such, Echo, Raven and Shaw make known their grudge against Clarke as she attempts to rally them for a fresh start in rebuilding civilization on Alpha, urging them to leave past mistakes behind on the completely uninhabitable Earth.

The only thing that allows them to overcome their differences and work together is the fact that it was Monty's dying wish that his friends do so. It's for this reason alone that the other survivors begrudgingly follow Clarke's lead as she embarks on an expedition across Alpha with her longtime confidant, Bellamy Blake.

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Clarke, however, is not the only member of her family with much to answer for as Season 6 begins. For much of Season 5, her mother, Abby, suffered a severe addiction to painkillers that led her to harm others around her to maintain her fix. Among the crew of the Eligius III wronged by Abby that are now awake is Raven, who had been tricked, manipulated and abused by the elder Griffin.

Still furious at Abby for her treatment, Raven repeatedly taunts the ship's doctor about her addiction, encouraging her to overdose rather than continue to drag others down with her in a drug-fueled spiral. It is the darkest, most emotional moment of the entire premiere episode, and while Raven may not forgive Abby any time soon, Abby's rehabilitation and potential redemption will inform the character moving forward.

However, the biggest wild card of all of the awakened characters is the former Red Queen, Octavia Blake. Before leaving Earth, Octavia had assumed control of a faction of survivors taking refuge in a bunker for five years to avoid a nuclear storm. Octavia assumed the title of Red Queen as supplies began dwindling, giving way to lawlessness. Octavia brought order to the survivors, but at a heavy, bloody price.

Everyone who lived in the bunker emerged haunted, and Octavia's bloodlust ran so deep that the awakened passengers of the Eligius III opted to keep her in cyrosleep as long as possible, rather than risk further violence. However, despite being deposed, the former Red Queen still commands an intense sense of loyalty, and she is secretly awakened by her follower, Nyla.

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Octavia makes her revival immediately known to Abby and Kane, still holding a deep grudge against the latter for his betrayal that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of her people in a bloody ambush. The strain of arguing with Octavia causes Kane's wounds to reopen and, after the bleeding is stopped, he is returned to cryosleep while Octavia remains lurking somewhere on the Eligius III, contemplating her next move as the ship continues to orbit Alpha.

The 100 Season 5 ended with the promise of a fresh start, away from the bloodshed and betrayal that led to the destruction of Earth's life-sustaining ecosystem. While humanity has been given a second chance on a new world, the sins that the characters committed against each other remain the biggest hurdle to them working together again. Given how dangerous this new planet appears to be, they may not survive the attempt at all if they remain divided.

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The 100 returns on the CW for its sixth season on April 30 at 9 pm ET/PT. The series stars Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Marie Avgeropoulos, Bob Morley, Henry Ian Cusick, Lindsey Morgan, Richard Harmon and Tasya Teles.

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