The 100 Welcomes Monty & Harper's Son to the Post-Apocalyptic Show

Introduced in the final moments of The 100's Season 5 finale, Monty and Harper's adult son Jordan Green awakened the show's main characters from their cryosleep as the spaceship carrying the last survivors of humanity approached a strange, alien world. Now he'll experience the future along with the rest of his fellow survivors -- but will they accept this newcomer into their ranks?

Portrayed by Shannon Kook, Jordan grew up in isolation from Earth's orbit as his parents waited to see if the planet would become habitable again. When it became clear this would never happen, Monty put his son in cryosleep while he and Harper set the ship on course for a planet capable of supporting human life, the two of them perishing from old age in the interim.

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During a visit to the Vancouver set of the CW series this past November, Kook provided some insight to the press on his new character, how his upbringing in relative isolation affects his dynamic with the returning characters and what to expect after he helps the survivors acclimate to their new environment with a surprising mentor figure.

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"We've arrived at this new planet, which is almost a weird antithetical parallel to the first season, but just in this case, the blood-soaked battle hardened personalities [of the returning characters have been established], whereas my character Jordan has grown up in the comfort of the mothership," Kook observed, noting the difference between Jordan and the survivors he's been tasked to help reach their new home. "It's also a bit befuddling for the heroes to encounter this very optimistic and idealistic positive personality, which very much reminds them of [Monty and Harper]. It's weird for them to see the representation of both of them right in front of them, and then also some of the youth and the optimism from their younger days, but then to be very jaded."

The last Clarke and the other characters had seen of Monty and Harper, the two friends, who were the same relative age as them, put the survivors in cryosleep as they waited to see if the Earth would ever recover from its nuclear apocalypse. As they waited, Monty and Harper had a son in Jordan, placing him into cryosleep as well after he reached adulthood before the couple died of natural causes after setting the ship on its new course. Surprisingly, after reviving his parents' old friends, Jordan actually looks up to Murphy, the snarky, cynical individual Monty and Harper butted heads with the most in previous seasons.

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"Murphy is his favorite character, which is so interesting. It's not who you would expect, especially because of his parents, but I think Jordan, he mirrors his parents in their idealistic and kind natures, but he also has a propensity for rebelling and bending the rules," Kook admits in his unlikely mentor figure.

The role is actually the third part the actor had auditioned for on The 100, having also tried out for the parts of Finn and his on-screen father Monty before being cast as Jordan Green at the end of Season 5. Watching the series as a fan while working on other projects, Kook views his role as a clear amalgamation of his parents, the only two individuals Jordan ever knew before reviving the others.

"I feel like his mom taught him how to survive like she has. She's been a soldier, and things like that," Kook explained. "She would teach him how to — the mother teaches him how to defend himself, and his father teaches him how to be smart, and I think they both taught him how to be kind."

The 100 returns on the CW for its sixth season on April 30 at 9 pm ET/PT. The series stars Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Marie Avgeropoulos, Bob Morley, Henry Ian Cusick, Lindsey Morgan, Richard Harmon and Tasya Teles.

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