The 100: First Poster for Season 6 Teases the Show's New World

In one month, the popular sci-fi series The 100 returns to The CW for its sixth season. To celebrate the fan-favorite show's imminent return, the network has released the first poster for the series' next chapter.

Teasing the alien world the surviving characters from Season 5 travel across the star to settle, the poster shows the series' main protagonist Clarke mirrored over the brave, new world with the tagline "Face Your Demons."

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The conclusion of Season 5 had the valley, the last habitable environment on Earth, completely eradicated during a conflict between rival factions. Desperate, the survivors boarded a spaceship and searched the cosmos for  a planet to colonize for decades.

Given the escalating brutal decisions Clarke and the surviving characters have been forced to make over the past five seasons, the lush alien world with its mysterious settlement on top of a mountain may offer a fresh start for the final members of the human race or doom the species entirely.

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The 100 returns on the CW for its sixth season starting April 30 at 9 pm ET/PT. The series stars Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Marie Avgeropoulos, Bob Morley, Henry Ian Cusick, Lindsey Morgan, Richard Harmon and Tasya Teles.

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