The 100: A Familiar Face Returns from the Grave

The 100 -- Nevermind

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 6, Episode 7 of The 100, "Nevermind," which premiered Tuesday on The CW.

The previous episode of The 100 ended with the revelation that Clarke Griffin's psyche was alive within the confines of her own mind as Josephine, a villainous Prime ruling over the alien world of Sanctum, who seized control of her body. With Josephine fast asleep and sedated, Clarke's consciousness reawakens to explore her recent history in this week's episode, providing her with the chance to be reunited with several familiar faces from beyond the grave.

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The first person that Clarke encounters in her impromptu mental trip down memory lane is her father, who had been dead for some time before the start of the series. Reunited with her dad, Clarke begins to assume that the mind transfer process, her last conscious memory, did indeed kill her but, in a moment of serene, sage advice, Clarke's father reminds her to focus and she begins to hear her own heartbeat emanating faintly beyond the walls of her mind.

Realizing she is, in fact, alive in some unknown capacity, Clarke confronts Josephine, who is able to project her own consciousness into Clarke's mindspace for control. As Clarke learns that Josephine is effectively immortal in this mental world using the ability to continually resurrect herself from even the most brutal deaths, Clarke goes on the run where she crosses paths with Maya, a character that had been killed by intense radiation poisoning during Season 2.

Amused that Clarke's own mental projections detest her as extensions of her own guilt and self-loathing, Josephine resumes her relentless hunt only to be surprised when Maya turns on her instead. Deep within Clarke's mindspace, she is in control of her manifestations, even the ones that she parted with on bad terms. With that in mind, Clarke is able to call in even those that blamed her for their deaths as reinforcements, causing Josephine to temporarily retreat and call in reinforcements of her own.

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Realizing the futility of the neverending struggle and learning of a deal Bellamy cut with the Primes to ensure peaceful coexistence after believing her dead, Clarke surrenders the memory of how to purge herself from her own body to Josephine. However, as Clarke resigns herself to her fate for what she believes to be the greater good, she is revisited by one last familiar face disappointed by her concession: Monty Green.

Despite being dead for decades, Monty's legacy has loomed over the returning main characters of The 100 throughout Season 6. In a video message to his friends (as they learned of his death after decades in cryosleep), Monty urged them to do better on the new alien planet they had arrived on than the petty, violent squabbles that had ultimately rendered Earth uninhabitable. Clarke's mental projection of Monty is disappointed that she would surrender herself to such a clear villain, the "greater good" justification little more than a knowing lie and easy way out.

Regaining her determination, Clarke and Monty engage in a mental team-up, sneaking into Josephine's mind and discovering her own deepest, darkest secrets to use against her and liberate control of Clarke's body. While unsuccessful in regaining total control, Monty and Clarke both continue to exist within Clarke's mind, meaning that, though the fan-favorite character may be technically dead, his spirit literally lives on as a mental projection.

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And, with Josephine now awake and armed with the knowledge of how to purge Clarke from her mind for good, the two old friends' very existence will rely on them and their friends on the outside to save both them (and the day) from the villainous Primes.

The 100 airs on The CW Tuesdays at 9 pm ET/PT. The series stars Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Marie Avgeropoulos, Bob Morley, Henry Ian Cusick, Lindsey Morgan, Richard Harmon and Tasya Teles.

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