The 100: Octavia is the Red Queen No More - But What Does That Mean?

One of the most complicated, complex characters in The CW's The 100 is Marie Avgeropoulos' Octavia Blake. The secret, younger sister of Bellamy, Octavia has gone from a wide-eyed teenager when she arrived on a post-apocalyptic Earth to a hard-edged warrior woman, forced to commit atrocities in order for her and her fellow survivors to endure their hellish conditions.

The fifth and most recent season saw Octavia step into a leadership role as the Red Queen as survivors took refuge from a prolonged toxic storm in a small bunker. Forced to maintain the peace between rival factions of survivors as supplies in their bunker dwindled, Octavia forced survivors to fight to the death in gladiatorial contests in order to lower the population, while enforcing widespread cannibalism to survive. Betraying her friends and brother, Octavia eventually surrendered her position as the Red Queen, but will be followed by her bloody legacy as the survivors arrive on a new planet after Earth had become completely uninhabitable.

During a press tour of the Vancouver set of the show's sixth season this past November, Avgeropoulos provided some insight on her character moving into the upcoming season and the challenges she will face following her year-long tenure as the unrecognizably brutal leader of the survivors in the bunker.

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"There's a lot of animosity towards Octavia after she had she stepped down from being the Red Queen. Octavia didn't want to become the Red Queen," Avgeropoulos explained. "So Octavia spends a lot of time this season dealing with a lot of her own inner demons, as well as the exterior factors that they're also going to face. The group also has a lot of ill feelings towards Octavia when everybody starts to wake from [cryosleep], and she feels very isolated."

Before submitting to the child warrior Madi and admitting her defeat by the end of Season 5, Octavia nearly had Bellamy and other former friends killed in her own overzealous dedication to the rules for the new society she had created and maintained. One of the biggest estrangements outside of her family caused by this was with one-time mentor Indra. The veteran warrior had taken Octavia under her wing early in the series and taught her how to survive in the harsh environment only to become aghast at the lengths her former protege undertook to ensure survival as the Red Queen.

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"Indra was always a mentor to Octavia and, towards the end, really thought Octavia lost her way," Avgeropoulos observed. "So it'll be interesting to see in Season 6 how that relationship comes together after Octavia tries to do this 360 in her mind with her demons."

While remaining coy on Octavia's relationship with new character Jordan Green and whether Octavia can ever truly be redeemed for her actions during Season 5, Avgeropoulos herself is surprised by the shocking twists and turns The CW series has taken over its soon-to-be six season run in addition to her own character's bloody journey.

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"My goodness -- I feel like I was a kid when I when I first got this job. I'm so thankful that it's gone this far," Avgeropoulos said. "The story, I feel, changes completely every season. There's so many new wonderful characters on this show and this year again you're gonna see this show sort of rebuild itself, and it's another rebirth onto a new world and with that comes a whole slew of different people."

The 100 returns on the CW for its sixth season starting April 30 at 9 pm ET/PT. The series stars Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Marie Avgeropoulos, Bob Morley, Henry Ian Cusick, Lindsey Morgan, Richard Harmon and Tasya Teles.

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