The 10 Most Savage Things That Nightwing Has Done

Created by writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane, Grayson made his very first appearance as the boy wonder in the classic Detective Comics #38. Raised in the circus, Grayson was trained to be an acrobat, much like his parents. Because The Flying Graysons were the talk of the town, mobster Tony Zucco threatened their lives if he wasn't given his money right away. After witnessing the murder of his parents, Grayson swore revenge and promised to hunt down Zucco. Sensing a similar inner-rage like his, Bruce Wayne adopted Grayon to help him focus that anger into something better. Bruce was training Grayson to be more than his sidekick and hoped his adopted son would eventually take over as Batman.

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After learning everything he could from the Dark Knight, Grayson decided to step out of the yellow cape and green shorts to become his own hero. Though he adopted Nightwing in Tales of the Teen Titans #44, Grayson still struggled to make a true name for himself.Because the former Robin, Dick Grayson, became his own worst nightmare while trying to escape Batman's shadow, here are the top 10 most savage things the DC Comics superhero, Nightwing, has done.

10 Ric Grayson

While out on patrol with the caped crusader in writer Tom King and artist Tony Daniel's Batman #55, Nightwing was shot in the head by the Russian assassin known as The KGBeast. In Nightwing #50, Grayson suffered from memory loss and couldn't remember anything from his past lifestyle.

With a new alter ego, Ric Grayson didn't want his new life to resemble anything like his past, even though bits and pieces of memories have started to return.  More of bad boy, Grayson kept his Nightwing name, but decides to cut off all ties to Barbara Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth.

9 Training A Killer

DC Comics Nite-Wing

In Nightwing #8, Dick Grayson trained the tortured soul, Tad Ryerstad, to be a terrifying killing machine. Abused by his father and abandoned by his mother as a child, Tad escaped into fantasy in order to escape from his harsh reality. Tad had unpredictable violent outbursts and was prone to talking to himself in the third person.

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Stubborn and cocky, Nightwing went against his better judgement and decided to train the psychopathic Tad into becoming Nite-Wing. The death of an undercover FBI agent, caused by Nite-Wing himself, is all Grayson's fault.

8 His Relationship With The Huntress

The search for a cop killer brings two vigilantes together in a toxic relationship in Devin Grayson and Greg Land's Nightwing/Huntress. Nightwing is very excited to work with The Huntress, aka Helena Bertinelli, as she acts in the "bad cop" role.

As the two become attracted to each other, Grayson even brags to his ex, Barbara Gordon, that he slept with Helena. Though they slept together, Helena is disappointed that Grayson doesn't trust her enough to reveal his secret identity. Grayson enjoyed the sex, but he knew Helena was using him to get to the Batcave.

7 Tries To Kill Jason Todd

Things did not go very well for Nightwing when the dark knight was missing in Batman: Battle for the Cowl. Under extreme circumstances, Grayson had to deal with the destruction of Arkham Asylum and the escape of Gotham's deadly super-villains.

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Though they were both Robins in the past, Jason Todd stole the Dark Knight mantle from Grayson and pretended to be Batman. After he finally snapped from the constant pressure, Nightwing fought Jason Todd and kicked him off of a speeding train, sending him straight into the murky waters.

6 His New 52 Return

New 52 Nightwing

After having spent a year as Batman's replacement, Grayson was finally able to reclaim his name as Nightwing after Bruce Wayne finally returned in writer Kyle Higgins and artist Eddy Barrows' Nightwing Vol. 1: Traps and Trapezes. Unfortunately, Grayson had been become inside the headspace of Batman for far too long.

In order to become Batman, his mind needed to enter a darker place. Some of that inner darkness still stuck inside Nightwing as he violently beats a perpetrator senseless, smears blood all over him, and marks his red logo on the perp's chest.

5 Joker's Last Laugh

In Batman: Joker's Last Laugh, the clown prince of crime discovers he is going to die. With a brain tumor slowly killing him, the Joker decides he would rather want someone from the Bat-Family to end his life. Joker wants a Bat-Family member to break the rule of no killing.

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Thinking Tim Drake is dead, Nightwing is unable to control himself when Joker claims responsibility for his murder. With his bare hands, Nightwing is about to strangle Joker and snap his neck when Tim pops up. After punching Tim out of the way, Nightwing continues strangling Joker.

4 One Night Stand With Catwoman

Though the Caped Crusader and the cat burglar had their own tumultuous relationship, Grayson thought it was his turn to have a sexy romp with Catwoman in Nightwing #52. Things really got hot and heavy as gun were blazing and bullets were flying everywhere while Nightwing and Catwoman were wrapped in each other's arms.

In the heat of the moment, Nightwing couldn't stop himself from his lustful desires. Though Catwoman passed off his lovemaking skills, Nightwing started laughing at her, straight to her face, mentioning she failed to make Batman jealous.

3 Cheating on Starfire

Nightwing had been romantically involved with Starfire, also known as Kory Anders, for a long time. Though he claimed to be in love with her, Grayson couldn't tell a shapeshifter had taken Kory's place. While Starfire had been kidnapped, Mirage, from the future Team Titans, was the one actually sleeping with Grayson.

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Knowing Grayson cheated on her, Starfire had to hold back her feelings until the end of the Total Chaos saga. Grayson hurt Kory's feelings even more, confessing Mirage was fresh and new when they were in bed together.

2 Used Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson had a long history of their on-and-off again relationship as lovers in Nightwing Annual #2.  After being shot by the Joker in the events of The Killing Joke, Barbara no longer had the use of her legs and had to give up being the crime-fighter known as Batgirl.

Feeling depressed, Barbara was happy to see Dick standing at her door. After waking up in bed together, Barbara discovers Grayson's wedding invitation to Starfire. Grayson didn't show up to comfort her, Barbara yelled he just visited her for pity sex.

1 Avoiding Bruce

No matter what, Grayson and Kory were determined to get married in New Titans #100. Everything was in a complete rush to make the wedding day happen. After being distracted by the wedding, Grayson caught up to the sudden news of Bruce Wayne's medical condition.

Over the phone, Alfred revealed Bane had broken Bruce's back and left him crippled. Kory wanted to postpone the wedding so that Grayson could be by his father's side in the hospital. Uncaring, Grayson rejected the offer because he was too obsessed with their wedding.

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