The 10 Most Powerful Characters On The Boys, Ranked

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Amazon's original series The Boys takes the typical superhero narrative and turns it on its head. Adapted from the comic of the same name created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, this tale isn't pretty or heroic. These superheroes are corrupted by their sense of fame and glory, a far cry from the Captain America types we know and love. If there's one thing this show tells us, it's that this is proof you should never meet your heroes.

The superheroes in The Boys each have their own powers that they don't always use for the general good. After watching the first season, here are the 10 most powerful characters on the show, ranked from most powerful to least. Depending on how the next season plays out, this list could easily change (and we're kind of hoping it does).

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The Boys The Female
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The Boys The Female

The female, whose name we later learn is Kimiko, is arguably the most dangerous and powerful because she was trained as a terrorist fighter. That doesn't leave room for morals, and we've seen her take out an entire room of people bigger than her. She was experimented on with Compound V, leaving her mute but with extreme power and strength. On top of that, she can heal herself so she's basically indestructible. Kimiko is the Boys' answer to their superhero problem. She is the ultimate killing machine, born and bred to rip apart souls and bodies. Everywhere she goes, she seems to leave a trail of blood behind.


The Boys Homelander

Arrogant and soaking in a supremacy complex, Homelander is basically the show's take on a twisted Captain America or Superman. He comes with a lot of dangerous powers – X-ray vision, super strength, invulnerability, and most importantly, heat rays that come out of his eyes and burn anything in front of him to a crisp. On top of all of that, he can fly and tell when people are scared or nervous. Not someone you want to come face to face with in a fight, that's for sure. There isn't much that can stop him, making him the most dangerous out of the Seven.

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The Boys Starlight

Arguably one of the only genuinely good people on the show, Starlight has impressive light-based powers. She can manipulate light energy, which can be incredibly dangerous to just about anyone. Channeling light allows her to have super strength, and it also means she can basically turn herself into a giant laser and blind (or kill) people. Another major bonus is that she can channel light energy for protection, helping keep herself and her allies safe from immediate harm. The only downfall she really has is that she can be naive at times, which can allow people to manipulate or take advantage of her. However, it seems as though she's coming into her own and starting to grow a major backbone, one that can only grow stronger with her powers.


The Boys Queen Maeve

While she looks like Wonder Woman and has powers like her, Queen Maeve is a far cry from DC's Amazonian princess. At some point, she did have a strong sense of morality, but it's been slowly dissolving the more jaded she becomes by the Vought industry. It's obvious she doesn't always agree with the decisions she has to make as one of the Seven. She is incredibly powerful, possessing super-strength, intense stamina, invulnerability, and impressive combat skills. Maeve is pretty hard to take down in combat, and pretty much a threat to just about anyone.

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The Boys A Train

Having super speed and intense stamina can be extremely beneficial. It's also deadly, as we've seen what happens when A-Train collides with someone at full speed. All he really needs to do to win in a close up fight is to just back up a bit and slam into someone. However, he's beginning to show his weaknesses as he realizes he may not be the world's greatest speedster anymore. We also know he's not indestructible since Kimiko shatters his leg.


The Boys Translucent

We didn't really get to see a lot of the true extent of Translucent's powers before his death. But turning invisible is incredibly helpful, especially when you need a good sneak attack. However, we saw how much effort it really takes to kill this guy because he has special carbon skin that is virtually impenetrable. The only way that the Boys can even kill him is by inserting an explosive device inside his rear end.

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The Boys Popclaw

We didn't see much of Popclaw before her untimely demise, but when we did, she was pretty deadly. Popclaw has extremely sharp, retractable cat-like claws that could easily rip through flesh, as well as extreme super strength. She's basically like a combination of Wolverine and Catwoman, with an added drug addiction and a bad reputation. It takes a lot to crush a guy's head between your thighs until it basically explodes. However, Popclaw's love for A-Train is what ultimately gets her killed, and can be considered her biggest weakness.


The Boys The Deep

Basically the alter-Aquaman, The Deep has underwater based powers that allow him to communicate with sea life and breathe underwater. He also seems to have increased strength and durability like the other superheroes in this show. While manipulating water is awesome, it's not really the most practical skill to have when it comes to fighting villains on land. As a result, The Deep tends to get left out of the big missions because he just isn't that useful. The Deep's better suited to being a pretty face on land than he is at being a major threat.

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The Boys Mesmer

Reading minds is a powerful ability, but it's not necessarily good in hand-to-hand combat. However, if you're trying to manipulate someone, he's your guy. Reading minds through surface contact is incredibly useful when you're trying to predict someone's next move. But that's only if you have enough time to see the information you need before they take you down. As we've seen, Mesmer is clearly not destructible.


The Boys Black Noir

Black Noir is at the bottom of this list because we don't really know exactly what his powers are (aside from piano playing mastery). The guy doesn't even talk and has very little screen time in this season. It seems as though he's pretty good with combat, which can lead to the assumption that he's some kind of trained assassin, and he also seems to have super strength and durability. In the next season, there's bound to be more of an explanation, and we're hoping more screen time for this interesting guy.

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