That's no moon, it's an enormous, $28,500 'Star Wars' watch

There are a lot of things you can do with 30 grand: Buy a car, whittle away at that college loan, take several European vacations, invest in a savings bond ... You could do any of those, sure. Or you could blow it on this limited-edition Star Wars watch from Devon.

Inspired by Darth Vader and an Imperial TIE Fighter, the watch is made of stainless steel, with a black "diamond-like" carbon coating. Hand-constructed, it features TIE Fighter wings as part of the case, and silver screws designed to look like those on Vader's helmet. What's more, the crown is finished with the Galactic Empire logo.

As you might expect with a $28,500 price tag, no detail is overlooked: The watch's belt system "utilizes four motor covers that, in this case, are created in red and green to reflect the details on Darth Vader’s center console," while the leather strap is ribbed to replicate the Sith Lord's gloves. And, just for fun, Devon is kicking in a pair of TIE Fighter cuff links.

The watch is available for preorder, with a down payment of $2,500. Only 500 are being made.

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(via Slashgear)

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