That's five, seven and then five, right?

I can't help but admire bloggers who concentrate on a very specific corner of comics, and have the dedication to maintain that focus.

I'm talking about niche blogs that aren't dedicated to a specific character, but instead deal with narrow subjects:  Polite Dissent (medicine, with a dose of Hawk & Dove), Dateline: Silver Age (newspaper headlines in old comics), Nad Shots (depictions of characters taking hits to the crotch), Hot Fictional Guys and Shirtless Superheroes (both pretty self-explanatory), and so on.

Add to the list the newly launched Superhero Haikus, which summarizes issues using the form of Japanese poetry. Since it launched last week, the blog has stuck with Spider-Man -- specifically, the character's first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man, and then the first handful of issues of The Amazing Spider-Man. For Issue 2:

Two stories againVulture, an old guy with wingsTinker out of this!

The writer gets extra credit for giving a nod to the Terrible Tinkerer back-up story while maintaining the poem's meter.

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