That Time Peter Parker Struck His Pregnant Wife...

Since it has become a bone of contention in the latest edition of Comic Book Legends Revealed, let's take a look at the actual scene in question, from Spectacular Spider-Man #226, by writer Tom DeFalco, layout artist Sal Buscema and finisher Bill Sienkiewicz...

Okay, so Peter Parker and Ben Reilly do a series of test to, once and for all, determine which of the two is the "original" Peter Parker and which one is the clone. Finally, they come to the answer - Ben is the "original" and Peter is the clone.

Peter does not take this well...

Now, as written by DeFalco, the intent is for Peter to basically "shrug" Mary Jane off of him (perhaps not even realizing it is her, but more likely he does), but because he was so caught up in rage, he did not realize that his "shrugging" her off would send her flying. That is the intent, but I think it is fairly evident, though, that Buscema and Sienkiewicz did not necessarily convey the subtleties of DeFalco's intent.

Still, for better or worse, there is the scene and the context it came in.

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