That Time Lana Lang and Ma Kent Both Talked Trash About Lois Lane

So, Lois Lane is shot and almost killed while covering the war. She is recovering in Action Comics #822 when, wokka wokka, she finds a pair of Lana's underwear an Clark, I guess, just totally left out that Lana was taking care of him when he was injured...

So they go to the Kent farm for Christmas dinner and Lana is there!

In the final issue of Austen's run, now even Ma Kent, who has obviously adored Lois for years, now believes that Lois doesn't fully appreciate Clark...


Austen's run abruptly ends with this issue and a fill-in writer (likely Eddie Berganza) finishes the run out under the name J.D. Finn before Gail Simone thankfully takes over the book until Infinite Crisis.

Obviously, it would have been nice to see how Austen would have resolved everything, but just to GET to that point involved a lot of characters being jerks out of nowhere.

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