That R2-D2 moving fridge can be yours (for the price of a car)

The tiny, functional BB-8 toy may have generated the most headlines, but the Star Wars droid we really want is that life-size, mobile R2-D2 refrigerator unveiled in June in Tokyo. Well, now you can own one, if you're willing to pay the hefty price.

Officially called the R2-D2 Moving Refrigerator, it's available for order for 1,077,840 Japanese yen, or roughly $8,900 U.S.

Never mind that you could buy a car with that, or make a serious dent in your college loan: This little R2 unit can be summoned by remote to bring an icy six-pack to you. It also has all the flashing lights and sound effects of its big-screen counterpart. Of course, you can't exactly drive it to work, but ...

Did we mention it's remote-controlled?

(via TAG Hobby)

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