That Infamous Batwoman Portfolio Review

In case you missed it, the great website Escher Girls has a post up with a firsthand account of an artist who had her portfolio reviewed at SDCC.

Here is one of her sketches:

Now obviously, I am sure that there are plenty of legitimate criticisms of the above sketch. However, here is what she said she received as feedback from one company (which she chose not to name - and yes, it is definitely worth noting that we only have her word that this critique actually took place):

I was given a full critique on the anatomical incorrections as the following.

“Her breasts are much too small and do not have the lift that superhero women should have. Her jawline is fat and her neck much too long. The style of her hair is clunky and does not flow in a sense that a super human would. Her hips, waist and thighs are too big and she honestly looks fat. No one is going to want to read a comic with a fat female protagonist. I honestly recommend looking at issues of Sport’s Illustrated to get the right anatomy. Those women are the peak of human perfection, and that is what we want in this industry.”


It almost reminds me of the "Kate Upton is fat" debate.

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