That Deep Impact/Armageddon Moment

So, the Alex Ross Invaders project has been explained. It is going to be an Invaders/Avengers maxi-series, where the Invaders travel through time and interact with the current Marvel Universe.

Hmmmm....a group of Golden Age heroes travel to the present to interact with the current Marvel Universe in a 12-part maxi-series?

Say....isn't that the same concept as JMS' The Twelve?

Now, of course, both projects were developed independently, but it's pretty funny, isn't it?

Can you think of other comic book projects that came out about the same time that had such similar concepts? I can think of Andy Helfer's Batman maxi-series, Journey Into Knight, which was about Batman Year One 1/2, which was the same basic concept of Matt Wagner's Batman and the Monster Men/Batman and the Mad Monk.

Can you think of any other instances?

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