That "Civil War II" #3 Death 'Is the Real Deal,' Says Brian Michael Bendis

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez's "Civil War II" #3.

In "Civil War II" #2, the clairvoyant Inhuman Ulysses had a devastating vision in which the Hulk went berserk and killed most of the Avengers -- and so the Avengers act on that intel in "Civil War II" #3, where Hawkeye puts an arrow in Bruce Banner and kills him in order to circumvent that event.

"Right now I can tell you this is the real deal," writer Brian Michael Bendis told DailyNews. "I can't speak for the future, I honestly can't, who knows what will happen? But I already have plans for the body (in upcoming issues.)"

"Fans may be outraged, and there are probably 'Hawkeye' writers who I'm very good friends with who will also be offended," he said. "But the point is that everything that happens in this issue is in character when you discover the hows and whys and wheres. We'll let people argue about it."

Of course, Bruce Banner isn't the only Hulk in the Marvel Universe at the moment. Amadeus Cho, the title character of "The Totally Awesome Hulk," has been missing from the event series, at least so far; considering the fact that he's a featuring character in this fall's Marvel NOW!, it's possible he'll make his presence known in the wake of Banner's death.

Bendis and Marquez's "Civil War" #3 is now on sale.

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