Did Thanos' Snap Affect the Undead (and Set Up Blade's Return?)

If there's one thing the future phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe promise, it's diversity. But as much as that means character representation being expanded in terms of women and people of color, the slate revealed by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige makes it clear this also applies to the kind of stories that will be told. It's obvious from the horror aspect being touted by Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and the news that Mahershala Ali will be starring in the Blade reboot. When it comes to the latter, fans have been calling for Blade to be revamped since the Netflix television shows first debuted.

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What's even more intriguing is how Blade will actually enter the MCU, which hasn't really touched on creatures like vampires. One interesting theory is that his debut could actually tie into the cataclysmic moment that helped end one era of the MCU and kickstart a brand-new chapter: Thanos' Snap.

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When the Mad Titan ended half of all life in the galaxy at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, victims were selected at random. Now, in the realm of vampires, we know they'll be hiding in the shadows, with some elites masquerading as humans during the day. But it stands to reason that, with a dwindling human population, whatever vampires remained post-Snap would have been looking to seize the opportunity provided.

These undead beings have been known to form secret societies, as seen in the comics and Blade films of old, so rather than just hide themselves in small cells, they could have easily formed larger, more influential houses, with the vampires in power charting a new empire. This would allow them to increase their reach and grow their influence from the Americas to Europe and other continents.

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More so, the Snap gives them an advantage when it comes to converting or "turning" new followers, who could simply be assumed to be victims of the Blip that came back to life in Avengers: Endgame thanks to Hulk's own Snap. In short, Thanos' Decimation is the perfect cover for the vampire fraternity having a Secret Invasion of their own, infiltrating society at large.

Even after people returned to life in Endgame, the vampires would still have whatever houses they've built up, which means they'll just have more humans to integrate. However, this would increase the risk of exposure and, seeing as they're less hidden, paint targets on their backs for hunters such as Blade. By stepping into the light -- usually because of a mix of ego, the need to feed and the drive to spread -- these vampires would be playing right into the Daywalker's hands (especially as we assume he wouldn't have been a victim of the Snap, for, you know, narrative convenience).

This helps frame the horror context of the MCU even further, and it can also tie into why Hulu shows like Ghost Rider and Helstrom will be seeing the light of day. Simply put, the MCU got smaller for a bit after Thanos' genocide, and this is what allowed ghouls, creatures and all things that go bump in the night -- whether it be heroes or villains -- to come out and play; something ironically touched upon in Jason Aaron's Dracula arc in Avengers #17 earlier this year.

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Such dark forces could easily have seen a chance to stake their claim on Earth and possibly the multiverse. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense that Feige's team would want to explore such haunting avenues.

With Blade, it's an easy in because vampires can be worked in as a species that have been walking among us since Phase One, only to decide, thanks to the Snap, it was now their time. Well, that is until the Daywalker surfaces to dish out his own brand of bloody, sword-swinging population control and remind them they should have stayed in the shadows if they wanted to avoid extinction.

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