Thanos-Worshiping Subreddit Wants to Ban Jeremy Renner from Joining

the thanos did nothing wrong subreddit, currently making internet waves for its plan to ban half its members, has taken further steps to ensure the forum matches up with the events of avengers: infinity war: it wants to ban jeremy renner from joining.

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user “ed____________” has started a petition to keep the hawkeye actor from joining the subreddit, explaining simply that they want to “make sure jeremy renner doesn’t join this sub, just like he didn’t appear in infinity war.”

the subreddit has seen a significant increase in activity since their mission went viral, adding another 100,000 members since wednesday. there is also concern that “lurkers,” or non-active members, might be ignored by the ban-bots and left out of the upcoming cull.

this has seen a rash of new memes posted, as well as dozens of new petitions, including one to “get benedict cumberbatch to join so he can say ‘it was the only way,’” and another one to give tom holland the list of bans in advance so he can spoil them.

there are so many petitions now, in fact, that there are also petitions to stop creating petitions.

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with three days still left until “the snap,” it doesn’t take the time stone to know that the odds of that happening probably aren’t great.

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