Comic Legends: Was Thanos Always a Mutant?

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Thanos was always a mutant.



Reader Will C. wrote in with this one, asking whether Jim Starlin always intended for Thanos to be a mutant different from the rest of the folks on Titan.

Obviously, this has been the case for many years, as we see in the Thanos Rising miniseries from a few years back by Jason Aaron and Simone Bianchi, where they showed his early years...

And when Jim Starlin had Adam Warlock explain Thanos' whole deal to the Avengers in Avengers Annual #7, the fact that he is different from his father and brother is a notable thing...

Here, from Iron Man #55, we see Thanos and his father and brother...

However, that Iron Man #55 drawing is from the REPRINTED version of Iron Man #55.

In the original story, here is Thanos and his family (as told by Drax the Destroyer when he tells Iron Man how he, Drax, came to be)...

Here is Mentor later in the story, as well...

So no, originally all of the Titans were purple like Thanos. The whole idea of Thanos being different-looking from the rest of the Titans was something that was developed later on and this is all just part of Marvel's deal over the years where they would go back into old comic books and reprint them to reflect modern continuity, hence a number of reprinted versions of Iron Man #55 showing Starfox and Mentor with different color skin (thereby "fixing" the original comic).

A similar thing happens with reprints of Captain Marvel #29, where Mentor's brother is shown to be Zeus...

While later reprints "fix" that to have it be Zuras, hence tying the Titans in with the Eternals.

So no, Will, Thanos was not originally a mutant.

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