VIDEO: Here's How Hela Could Return in Avengers 4

Revealed in Thor: Ragnarok as the estranged daughter of Odin, Hela quickly became a fan-favorite villain. Despite seemingly dying at the end of that film, some fan theories suggest that she might just make her return in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame. Actor Cate Blanchett has also suggested that Hela could make a return, which she thinks would prove very dangerous for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's heroes. However, could her relationship with Thanos be the key to her return?

In the comics, one of Thanos' major goals is to impress Lady Death. That character hasn't made her way into the films, and it seems pretty unlikely that she'll end up appearing on the big-screen any time soon. However, there might be a chance that Hela could substitute for her. Hela is the Goddess of Death. There's also a chance that Hela and Thanos have been working together in some capacity, meaning that it wouldn't actually be that difficult to bring her into the film naturally. Plus, reusing Hela would obviate the need to introduce a new character, which means that a lot of the work of establishing her power won't need to be done.

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We think that Hela substituting for Lady Death is a very distinct possibility in Endgame. Check out the video below to find more out about why we think that Hela might just return in the future.

At this time, it's unknown if Thanos and Hela will ever actually get to interact with each other in the MCU. Still, a lot is going to depend on the events of Endgame and how the Avengers go about defeating the Mad Titan. If Hela does return, she'll definitely prove a challenge for the heroes, as Thor was only really able to defeat her by sacrificing the city of Asgard.

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