The Dad Titan: 15 Hilarious Thanos Family Memes

Thanos has made his mark on the MCU. We first got wind that he was the endgame for Marvel at the end of The Avengers. Since then, we've learned more about the footprint he left in the universe. Not only does he have Gamora and Nebula, who utterly despise him, he also has the Black Order at his side, ready to enact his will at every turn. There's something twisted about the Mad Titan having children.

That said, the Black Order have also been known to be called the Children of Thanos, thus furthering the connection that they'll have with Gamora and Nebula. With that, there will be an interesting family dynamic for the final act of the MCU. Perhaps Gamora and Nebula will finally confront their father after all these years. Because of this new familial relation brought to Thanos, Gamora, Nebula, and the Black Order, it brings up an entirely new avenue for memes about them. It was only a matter of time before the internet started picking fun at how Thanos treated his children. Sit back and get ready to share some pictures as we explore 15 of our picks for memes about Thanos and his family.


There are a lot of jokes about Thor coming to Earth for Avengers: Infinity War and knowing nothing about the new heroes that will appear. Considering that he hasn't been in orbit since Avengers: Age of Ultron, there's a lot that the new King of Asgard missed along the way. That said, he'll be meeting the Guardians before anyone else on the team.

It's likely that, when he first sees Gamora, he could instantly think of the Hulk (she does resemble a female Hulk to a degree). He might be in for a shock, then, after she reveals that she is the daughter of Thanos, instead. We could easily picture the look on Thor's face as he wonders whether she is friend or foe. She's definitely a girl that he wouldn't want to mess with.


The MCU is appropriately taking a different route with the Black Order. In Avengers: Infinity War, they will be mostly referred to as the Children of Thanos. On top of that, Black Dwarf will be named Cull Obsidian. Marvel isn't afraid to change this sinister team of cosmic villains for the purpose of the movie.

However, many people were quick to point out that one of the Children of Thanos was missing from the roster: Supergiant. She was known as an intellectual parasite who could feast on the knowledge of others. She was unstable but extremely powerful. She also manages to be impervious to all types of physical damage. It's easy to see why she was left out -- she would be hard to tone down for the sake of the movie, and she doesn't have as cool of a name as the other members.


One of the most popular memes in the past few years was of a baby looking like he accomplished one of the greatest tasks in human history. After years of being referenced and used in all sorts of media, it was inevitable that he would grow up. Regardless of his age, though, we guarantee that the fist and intent expression will always be a part of him.

Seeing a picture of him now, we were definitely right. That said, he's been confident enough that he motivated himself to go across the universe and gather all the Infinity Stones. In all seriousness, there's an uncanny resemblance between the little boy's pose and Thanos's pose while gripping the Infinity Gauntlet tightly. Earth's Mightiest Heroes may not stand a chance.


It's never a bad time to make fun of the "Martha" scene in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While the movie has long passed and the joke not nearly as popular as it used to be, it still has it moments. For example, in the latest trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, we get a fantastic shot of Captain America going one on one against the Mad Titan himself, straining more than he ever has before.

That said, there may be a way that he could get the fighting to stop, and it won't be through bargaining, dance battles, or even the fabled "get help" strategy. Instead, if he manages to have a mother with the same name as Thanos, it might be just enough to stop the Mad Titan from his raid on Earth.


We've all seen Thanos as the guy in the chair, pulling strings in the MCU to try and grab all the Infinity Stones for himself. For six years since his reveal, he has been sitting in his throne, biding his time until he was ready to come forward and complete the Infinity Gauntlet for himself. As the audience, we've been terrified of him for years as he waited for him to get off his chair.

That said, Gamora and Nebula might have a different picture of him. Because they were raised by the Mad Titan, they might not be quite as fearful of him. That said, he's still a horrible father and is so obsessed with trying to take over the universe that he never spent a decent amount of time with them.


Thanos was known in the comics for falling in love with the physical embodiment of death. Knowing how much he was pining for her, Death sent him on a mission to destroy half the universe. This was what motivated Thanos to travel and grab all six Infinity Stones to make it happen. He eventually succeeded and wiped out exactly one half of the universe with a snap of his fingers.

Believe it or not, though, this did not impress Death. Even after that, she was insistent on not having a relationship with the Mad Titan. To add insult to injury, she later joined the Avengers in their fight against him in the hopes that they could get the Gauntlet off his hand. It happens to all of us, Thanos.


In Marvel Phase Three, the constant theme has been the meaning of family. It starts off with Captain America: Civil War dividing the family that is the Avengers. This idea was the central idea for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. In it, Star-Lord learns that his father was Ego the Living the Planet and he wanted to take over the world. Also, Ego was the one who put the tumor in Star-Lord's mother's head.

Because of this, Peter Quill has a lot of daddy issues. That said, it doesn't quite compare to Gamora and Nebula being altered by the Mad Titan, who wants nothing more than to conquer the universe and destroy half of all life by gathering the Infinity Stones. Star-Lord's issues seem mild by comparison.


When he first debuted at the post credits scene in The Avengers, many people began joking that he did nothing more than sit in his chair. He would appear again in Guardians of the Galaxy two years later. While he had some fantastic lines about bathing the starways with Ronan's blood, he still didn't do much and was all talk in his powerful chair.

At the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, there was a shot of him finding the Infinity Gauntlet and saying that he would finally do it himself. This led some to believe that we would see him start moving the chess pieces in Marvel Phase Three. However, he didn't appear in Captain America: Civil WarDoctor StrangeGuardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, or Thor: Ragnarok (the last two are especially surprising). So much for "doing it himself."


After Thor: Ragnarok came out, everyone and their mother was guessing that the final Infinity Stone would be revealed in Wakanda when Black Panther debuted. That said, the movie has come and gone and no new Infinity Stone have been released to the public, so we still don't know where that last one is. This still hasn't stopped some fans from speculating that it's still there somewhere (potentially within the Vibranium).

Considering the fact that the Black Order often searches planets ahead of the Mad Titan, they would be the ones to report to him that Wakanda had an Infinity Stone. That said, the beauty of this picture is that it's just an altered image from SpongeBob SquarePants. As with most Marvel/SpongeBob memes, Patrick is once again taking the role of Thanos.


While Thanos is certainly a scary villain, one can't help but wonder if he's an allegorical villain used to represent the current state of Disney. They've owned both Marvel and Star Wars for several years now, and just recently bought assets from 21st Century FOX. It won't be long before they start filling their own Infinity Gauntlet with the Fantastic Four and the X-Men.

What makes it even scarier is the fact that you can take Thanos's dialogue from the Avengers: Infinity War trailer, use it describe Disney's current monopoly over the film industry, and it would still work all the same. Sure, seeing other film companies fail shouldn't be considered fun, but we have no doubt that Disney is smiling all the way.


After the first Guardians of the Galaxy hit theaters, many people were asking one question: who is Star-Lord's father? Any comic reader knew that it was Jason of Spartax, but that didn't seem to be what the MCU was hinting at. This led many people to speculate as to who it could be. Some hatched up a theory that connected Star-Lord to the Mad Titan himself.

Considering that the Guardians already had one member who was directly related to Thanos, some people suggested that Star-Lord could be the son of one of the Mad Titan's siblings. While that might have been a bit of a stretch, it would've provided more reason for the Guardians to go after Thanos once he appeared to gather all of the Infinity Stones.


Many people were stunned to finally see Thanos off of his chair and getting ready for battle in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer. That said, there were tons of people taking to the comments and talking about the CGI for the Mad Titan. Some (probably the DCEU fans) said that his face looked no better than Steppenwolf's and it was probably worse in some areas. Yes, this actually happened.

Now that Thanos is coming to Earth, he's ready to complete his Infinity Stone collection. Unfortunately, this is where Iron Man takes the role of the DCEU fans by encouraging him to finish the CGI on his face. Of course, the meme perfectly ends with Thanos slugging Iron Man right in the face with his bare fist.


There's a lot of hype surrounding Thanos's appearance in the MCU. He is the first big comic book villain that's been teased for years and is actually coming to the big screen in a grandiose fashion. Because of this, many artists have taken to the initial shot of Thanos and altered him to look like other real life people and comic book characters.

You'd be surprised how common the Shrek Thanos is circulating the internet (then again, probably not). There is also a version that looks like Apocalypse and the Anti-Monitor. If you ask what our favorite is, though, we'd easily have to point at the CGI Cavill Moustache. It seems that joke has easily replaced the "Martha" meme as the best joke at the DCEU's expense.


Here's a shining example of how Thanos's dialogue in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer is strangely applicable to other aspects of the film industry. For a long time, DC was crushing Marvel. With popular shows like Batman: The Animated Series and a respectable amount of quality movies at their disposal, it seemed that DC and the Justice League were always going to have the competitive edge.

Then came along Marvel with the idea of putting together a cinematic universe that tied together all of their movies. Once The Avengers debuted, the pieces were in place. In time, DC was going to know what it would be like to lose. Regardless of how desperately the DC fanboys felt that they were doing well, the DCEU is still failing all the same.


We all know that, in the comics, Thanos had an interesting parental relationship with his daughters, Gamora and Nebula. At the end of the day, though, he was willing to shove them aside when it came to conquering the universe. It seems that the MCU will be pushing forth his status as a father, considering that the Black Order will be known as the Children of Thanos.

When it comes to his kids, though, it's clear that Thanos doesn't have a particular love for Nebula. As revealed in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Gamora was easily the favorite due to how well she could fight -- especially when compared to her sister. Because of this, Thanos continuously added robotic parts to Nebula to make her "better."

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