10 Times Thanos' Black Order Proved They Were The Most Powerful Marvel Villains

Originally debuting in Marvel's Infinity event, the Black Order quickly established itself as one of the most powerful superhuman teams in the entire universe. Each member possessed some sort of fantastic powers or incredible weapons. All of them swore to serve the Mad Titan himself, Thanos.

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Since its inception, the Black Order has continued to show up in Marvel comics, causing serious problems for Marvel's many heroes. Whether it be in mainstream comics or the Marvel Cinematic Universe (in which they are known as the Children of Thanos), these villains continue to impress fans with their immense power. Here are the top ten times that Thanos' Black Order proved they are among the most formidable villains that Marvel has ever seen.

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Thanos death Guardians of the Galaxy
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10 Chosen By Thanos

Thanos death Guardians of the Galaxy

Thanos is a world conqueror. In both the comics and the movies, Thanos is the most powerful despot in the universe. You could even take it one step further and say he's one of the most powerful beings in all the multiverse. His raw power matched with such fine-tuned intellect makes for a deadly combination.

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Everything Thanos does is meticulously thought out. When he chose the members of the Black Order, he did so knowing they were going to be the most powerful team in all the cosmos. Having Thanos' stamp of approval goes far in showing how powerful you are.

9 Defeating the Asgardians (MCU)

At the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, audiences are shown the aftermath of a big battle. The ship that the Asgardian refugees had been traveling on was under attack by Thanos and his forces. Once we get a look inside, its apparent that the Asgardians... well, they sure didn't fare very well in the conflict.

Asgardians are born with enhanced physical abilities, such as strength and durability. Defeating a large group of these formidable fighters, including warriors such as Loki and Thor, is a great feat that cannot be understated.

8 Black Swan Joined the Team

Black Swan Stephanie Roux

Although the Black Order has mostly the same roster, there have been a few notable exceptions. One of these additions was the Black Swan. Born in another universe, Black Swan eventually made it into the prime Marvel universe and gained the attention of none other than Thanos himself.

Black Swan was perhaps the most powerful member of this superhuman team. She can shoot energy beams, fly, has super strength and advanced telepathy. Going toe-to-toe with such enemies as Manifold, Thor, and Beta Ray Bill, she continues to prove time and time again that she is an extremely powerful combatant.

7 Defeated Strange, Spidey and Iron Man (MCU)

In the MCU, when the Black Order first arrived in New York, they were seeking the Time Stone. Under the possession of Doctor Strange, it was going to take quite a lot to wrestle this stone from the magician's hands. It didn't help that Strange was aided by Wong, Iron Man and Spider-Man.

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Although the only two members of the order to arrive in New York were Ebony Maw and Black Dwarf (called Cull Obsidian in the movies), they were still able to get the better of some of Earth's mightiest heroes.

6 Have Controlled Various Heroes

Although most of the Black Order showed up in the Marvel films, there was one notable exception. Supergiant, the telepath of the group was absent from both Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

An omnipath, Supergiant possesses the ability to find and manipulate the minds of almost any living being. The list of heroes she has been able to control is long and includes Black Bolt, the Avengers and several members of the X-Men.

5 Killed Power Princess

Much like the Black Swan, Power Princess is another strong superhuman from another universe. Instead of joining the Black Order, however, Power Princess was a member of the Squadron Supreme.

A Wonder Woman-esque character, Power Princess has advanced strength and fighting skills to the point that she's a serious threat. In one instance, she actually beat Ultimate Hulk in a fistfight. Despite this strength and pedigree, Proxima Midnight of the Black Order was still able to easily choke the princess to death.

4 Incapacitated Vision (MCU)

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are few characters with as much strength as Vision. He's on par with such characters as Thor and Scarlet Witch. Despite this, Corvus Glaive is able to easily incapacitate Vision with one stab of his powerful weapon.

For the rest of Infinity War's events, Vision is essentially taken out of the fight. With weapons powerful enough to dispatch with such powerhouses, the members of the Black Order can certainly be considered to be some of Marvel's most powerful villains.

3 Harming Hyperion

Hyperion Avengers

Known as the Sun God and leader of the Squadron Supreme, Hyperion has powers on par with those of the DC Universe's Superman. He is nearly indestructible.

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During a battle between Hyperion and Thanos' chosen team, the duo of Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight are able to not just hurt but seriously injure Hyperion. Using his glaive, Corvus cut straight through Hyperion's nigh-impenetrable skin.

2 Ebony Maw and Doctor Strange

It's easy to appreciate the Black Order's physical prowess in battle, but their psychic prowess over goes under-appreciated Ebony Maw is a master of mental manipulation, and on one occasion, got the better of the Sorceror Supreme himself.

After making his way into the Sanctum Sanctorum, Maw trapped Wong and snuck up on Doctor Strange. The alien then but Strange in a trance and persuaded him to divulge his deepest secrets using his mental powers.

1 Defeating Hulk

There are several great enemies that the Order was easily able to defeat. None of the others were as powerful as the Hulk. Showing that they could easily defeat the Hulk was the moment the Black Order established themselves as serious contenders for the most powerful villain team around.

When the Hulk battled Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive, it didn't even seem like he stood a chance. Using their enhanced fighting abilities and incredible weapons, the two were able to keep Hulk off balance until Proxima used her finishing move. Using her spear, Proxima was able to hurt Hulk so badly he reverted back into Bruce Banner.

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