Thanks for voting!

With the voting now closed, we finally got over 1,000 ballots cast! Thanks a lot, people! I know filling out ballots is a pain, so having over a thousand of you take the time to fill them out is quite impressive and quite appreciated.

I'll be counting the ballots most of today, so don't expect the countdown to begin until very late in the day.

While I'm counting, though, I thought it would be nice if you folks would be willing to e-mail me your reasons behind voting for the people on your list. You don't need to explain all of them, just however many you feel like writing about, whether that be 1, 2, or 20. I'll work your reasons into the entries of the creators when they show up on the countdown!

E-mail me your reasons at bcronin@comicbookresources.com!

Thanks again!

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