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Thank you for Booster Gold, Joe: Day three at D23

by  in Comic News Comment
Thank you for Booster Gold, Joe: Day three at D23

I won’t have as much to say about the last day of D23 as I did about Friday or Saturday. We were late getting started Sunday morning, which meant I was late to the big Cup ‘o Joe presentation, Marvels’ first foray into the D23 world (except for the five minutes or so they had at the end of the movie presentation on Saturday, of course). We went to the arena when we arrived and headed for the cheap seats; during Saturday’s big movie bonanza, the place was packed to the rafters, but there were only a few people up on level three when we arrived. The sections beneath us seemed to be pretty full, though. Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada was wrapping up his presentation and getting ready to take questions as we sat down.

And I gotta say, the question were actually pretty lively. They included:

–It started with a question about the possibility of more Broadway musicals after Spider-Man:Turn Off the Dark, to which Quesada responded there weren’t any plans right now.
–Another person asked why Marvel didn’t have a booth at D23, which brought applause from the audience. Quesada said as the creative guy he honestly didn’t know, but pointed out this was their first time to attend the show and maybe they’d have one next time.
–The next question was about reboots, and Quesada said they don’t do hard reboots — their characters still have the same histories. He then explained how the Ultimate Universe is a separate, alternate universe that’s only been around for 10 years. I’ve had these kinds of conversations with non-comic reading friends who keep seeing news stories about DC reboots and Miles Morales, so I could feel his pain.
–Will Marvel ever have a presence at any Disney parks? Quesada said there have been talks, but couldn’t elaborate.
–Another fan said he loved Howard the Duck, and wanted to know if Marvel had more plans for him, and if we’d find out he’s related to Donald. Quesada chuckled and mentioned the legal troubles between Marvel and Disney over Howard before Quesada was CEO. He also pointed out that the 25th anniversary of the Howard the Duck movie was coming up. No mention of Fearsome Four, though.
–Several fans asked about the possibility of Marvel doing Disney comics now that BOOM!’s Disney line was coming to an end. One fan (the same one who thanked Quesada for his work on Booster Gold) suggested that if Marvel did a Darkwing Duck comic, they should hire the creative team of Ian Brill and James Silvani, who work on the comic for BOOM! Studios. Quesada said where these licenses go is really up to Disney, pointing out they’ve done a few comics with them.
–Another fan asked if Marvel would be doing any stories that reference the “end of the world” coming in 2012, per the Mayan Calendar. Quesada said the world ends in Marvel comics every week.
–Is a Deadpool movie in the works? Quesada said that’s in FOX’s hands, but said Ryan Reynolds makes a better Deadpool than a Green Lantern.

After that we made another round on the floor, hit a few booths to buy stuff (lines! lines! lines! at all the shops!), and ended up spending some time just sitting in the D23 lounge they had for members upstairs. We were tired, it had the low light thing going, so we almost went to sleep. They also had free cookies!

And that was pretty much it. There was a Star Tours panel we thought about attending, but we were kinda conned out by then, so we headed back to our hotel to pack up and get ready for the trip home.

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