Thank Jeff Bridges For Everything You'll Like About <i>Tron: Legacy</i>

With early reviews praising the technical achievements, if not the writing or acting, of Tron: Legacy, perhaps it's time you knew who to thank for the way the second Tron ended up the way it did: Jeff Bridges.

Producer Sean Bailey told the Wrap that Bridges was, whether he knew it or not, largely responsible for Tron: Legacy being the film it is:

We went to talk to Jeff when doing another 'Tron' was just an idea, and before he would commit he said to us, ‘Tell me the things you are going to do that no one’s ever done before.’ ...One of the things I really admire of about Jeff is he asked a lot of questions both before we started filming, during filming in Vancouver and afterwards, I feel because of that we asked some interesting questions about human emotions and human reality in a digital world... The result is [that director] Joe Kosinski has created a spectacular visual world but we also have an emotional character-based story. So we hope we can pull it off both ways.

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