Thank God The Big Bang Theory Is Nearly Over

The level of lazy joke writing in any given episode of The Big Bang Theory is deep enough to drown in. The show is littered with characters referring to comic books, fantasy novels, and ‘80s cartoons in place of actual jokes. These references are often punctuated with long pauses to allow a roar of laughter from a live studio audience (presumably held at gunpoint) to fill the dark void of non humor. The whole thing feels like it’s some sort of sick Pavlovian experiment in comedy.

The laugh pauses are so rampant that there have been uncountable videos examining how not a single sentence of dialogue is uttered without one. The same has been done exploring how longer pieces of dialogue are often filled with random call outs to films, books and other television shows en lieu of a setup and punchline. It’s as if the show is saying, “Hey, do you guys remember this thing? Yeah? We do too! Isn’t that hilarious?” No, Big Bang Theory, it isn’t.

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The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper with Green Lantern power battery

Comedy is subjective. There’s no denying this. What one person finds hilarious, anther simply doesn’t get, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Our senses of humor are based on past experiences, cultural upbringings, points of references, and even political world views. Sometimes these jokes are presented in poor taste (and get a talented director to be fired from a major motion picture) or in an abstract manner that may need further context to make them work in any capacity. Even then, if someone doesn’t find them funny, it doesn’t mean they are wrong.

But when there is an absence of comedy, there is no debate. You can’t argue whether a joke is funny or not... if there isn’t a joke in the first place.

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