Thank God The Big Bang Theory Is Nearly Over

All good things must come to an end. Thankfully, so do terrible things.

For every television show or film franchise that reads the writing on the wall and bows out gracefully before wearing out their welcome, there are dozens more clinging on to the niche audience they’ve attracted to squeeze ever last drop of mileage out of their own existence in a sad act of remaining relevant. Show like NCIS or even Cops went on for seasons in the double digits, and despite their place in the cultural zeitgeist (for better or worse), they made a lot of people wonder “who the hell watches this?”

This question has been lobbed over and over again toward a sitcom which has garnered millions of viewers each week despite mixed reviews and eye rolling so powerful it sounds like wet marbles writhing in an iron pipe from members of both the comedy community and the geek culture community. (A Venn diagram of these two camps would have more overlap than one of Michael Bay fans and guys who still listen to Nu-metal in 2018.) Over the course of more than a decade, a sitcom predicated upon pandering pop culture references and insufferable characters has become a cultural phenomenon, and that show is The Big Bang Theory. Now, after twelve seasons, a spin-off series, and countless pauses for the laugh track, the Big Bang Theory is mercifully ending, and we couldn't be happier.

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Now before we really dig into why we’re happy to see this show go, we just want to address the fact that there is a lot of talent in front and behind the camera on The Big Bang Theory. Star Jim Parsons is genuinely a charming guy who has a lot of talent and proved himself to have acting chops in his early years in stage productions. One might be quick to chastise him for attaching himself to a character like Sheldon, but honestly, it’s hard to fault him. Parsons only did what the show asked of him, so this is not an attack on him or the rest of the cast. And despite the flat jokes that ooze out of every episode like an open sore, co-creator Bill Prady has genuine writing chops, having just come off the critically acclaimed and fan-praised series Gilmore Girls before working on the show. (The same can’t be said for the other mastermind behind The Big Bang Theory, however; Chuck Lorre created Two and a Half Men, so…)

Praising the death of a show also not an attack on its fans. In fact, telling someone there are wrong for loving a work of fiction which does not explicitly praise monstrous actions without a drop of irony is a crappy thing to do. We don’t want to promote a sense of gatekeeping. After all, there’s way too much of it going on these days, especially in the realm of comic books (everyone needs to chill, guys). So with that out of the way, why is The Big Bang Theory saying goodbye after its twelve season a good thing? Well…

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